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Useful Links to Support Learning


Use Phonics Play to recap sounds you know and to learn new sounds and tricky words each day! There are lots of fun games to play too. Practicing your sounds will help you to get better at reading and writing. Read as much as you can. Reading is fun! You should be reading everyday. Most games are free to access on the website.


Use Alphablocks on YouTube or CBBC to support your child's phonetic learning.

Learn to Read | Phonics for Kids | Letter Teams - OO and OA - YouTube

Many of our pupils also enjoy watching Geraldine the Giraffe with Mr. T on YouTube.

Mr T's Phonics - YouTube

Love2Learn with Miss Ellis also has lots of useful phonics videos so that the children can practise their phonics at home, these include phase 5 phonics, tricky words and alien words!

Love2Learn with Miss Ellis - YouTube

RWI video - how to say each sound


Read Write Ink Phonics

Take a look at the Oxford Owl website for letters, sounds and rhymes for your child to learn through Read Write Ink Phonics. Start by sounding out the letters/sounds with your child. Follow this with the rhyme, for example: ur - a nurse with a purse, here is an example of how the sounds should be pronounced Parent video: How to say the sounds - YouTube. The rhymes with the sounds can be found on the Oxford Owl website. You will also be able to find some ebooks online to read with your child at home.


Visit https://www.getepic.com/students and enter our Year 1 class code twl7269 for access to a free digital libary. You can also download the Get Epic app on iPads/tablets and phones. Click on your child's name before browsing the wide range of books that are age appropriate for your child to read.


Purple Mash

Login to Purple Mash, using your child's login, to discover a variety of fun and educational activities for your child to do at home.

Purple Mash by 2Simple



Miss Kam has made some videos to show you how to form your letters correctly. At Heron Cross, we write cursively but we do not loop our letters. Writing cursively makes it easier to join your letters as you move through the school. It is really important that we practise our handwriting regularly. Please take a look at her videos below. Pause the each video when you need to so that you can write along.

Letters a - g


Letters h - z




Please continue to practise these key skills with your child:

  • counting both forwards and backwards more confidently and fluently from 0 to 100 

  • add and subtract numbers from 0 to 50

  • order numbers from the smallest to the greatest

  • 2, 10 and even 5 timetables

  • writing numbers (one digit per square, facing the correct way)








Topics, Science and other subjects







Computing and Programming


Children have also been using the offline editor (version 1.4) 




PE and Mindfullness



Please let us know if there is anything you would like to share with the class.