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The Sheep-Pig

by Dick-King-Smith

During the Autumn, Year 3 will be reading The Sheep-Pig as their story topic.

When Farmer Hogget wins a piglet at the fair, he is amazed that Fly, his sheep-dog, welcomes him as one of her own pups. Fly names the piglet Babe and teaches him all he needs to know about the farm and its animals. As he watches his 'mum' round up the sheep, he decides he would love to try too. However, his legs are too short and he is far too plump to run around after a flock of sheep. He then tries a different tactic; politely asking the sheep to form an orderly line! The sheep are so surprised to be treated with respect that they happily oblige and Farmer Hogget soon notices that Babe has a certain knack with them...

We loved our visit to a real life farm at Burwardsley and we also learned all about farms and food produced in our outdoor learning sessions!


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