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Spring Homework/Home learning

Spring Homework

To kick start our topic of traditional tales, we will be looking at the story of Cinderella. Could you please go on YouTube and watch the animated story?


Our Make for this term can be to make any of the objects from any of the tales listed in our spring letter. You could make a wand, glass slipper, gingerbread man etc…







Look at our wonderful homework. 


This week’s homework is to create a master piece for our ArtsMark entry.

The task:

Each child needs to create a piece of artwork at home based on the theme 'Hopes and Dreams'. 

They can use any material they wish - pencil, pens, paint, even build something out of Lego.

Hopes and Dreams - What would you like to do when you grow-up? (A nurse/policeman). What would you like to achieve this year? (to write own name and numbers to 10/to go to the beach). What did you dream about last night? (literal).

Once completed, the parent/carer of each child needs to upload a photo of their artwork to our Padlet page, stating their name and age/year group.