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Spread the Happiness

Spread the Happiness Award! - May 2018



In nursery, we are working towards achieving the 'Spread the Happiness' award!

In doing so, we will undertake numerous activities to develop different skills as part of our EYFS curriciulum, whilst having lots of fun on the way!


Here is what to look forward too in week one!

Look out for action photos and evidence of the activities!


Here is our first fun packed activity for Spread the Happiness. We went to the shop and brought an ice-cream with real money!



We walked to the shop and we had to cross the road safely.

We were famous because everyone kept waving at us!


We chose our ice lollies and paid for them with real money!




We shared the happiness with our school teachers! They were really touched by our kindness and said thank you!





We enjoyed eating our ice lollies when we got back to school. They were delicious!


Huntley Woods

We went to Huntley Woods to write 1,000,000 using natural resources outdoors!



We collected twigs to write 1,000,000! Here's how it looks.

We were inspired by nature and decided to write 1,000,000 using ourselves. It was great fun!


Digit Dance

Today we did the digit dance! It was great fun.




Even the teachers had fun and joined in!


Engine Engine number 9

Our music teacher Mrs Barker, helped us with singing engine engine number 9.


We also made up and sung our own other engine number rhymes!



Week 2

The fun continues as we spread the happiness around the school, with more fun activities!

Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine song.

learned the song ‘Yellow Submarine’ by the Beatles. We had lots of fun learning the song and it was a team effort! We showed our sense of rhythm by tapping to the beat and pretending we were in the band.



Creating our own yellow submarine.
Following on from the song, we even made our own yellow submarine!! It was great fun. We pretended we were in the sea in the yellow submarine which also links to our seaside topic!

We painted our cardboard boxes bright yellow, it was very fun and creative!



We also cut out circles for the windows on the submarine and stuck them on!



Here is our end product, we are very pleased with our yellow submarine!



The man who sailed the seas.

Today in nursery, not only did we receive a letter from the man who sailed the sea’s we had a surprise and the real life pirate who sailed the seven sea’s came to visit us! We asked lots of questions and learned the world is a big place with different countries. The pirate sailor showed us the map of the world and talked about some countries he went to visit such as Pakistan, Egypt, Africa, China and England.


The sailor also brought us gifts from each country. He brought us a food from each country to look at and taste test. Thank you Mr Sailor!

He also left us tasks to complete!

We made crowns to represent Britain and its culture as the Royal Wedding is taking place this week. It was so much fun!



Another challenge was to create pyramids like the ones found in Egypt, out of sugar cubes! It was challenging yet very fun to complete.



Our challenge for Africa was to create animal masks and to taste a yummy treat that took 2 years to grow! Can you guess what our treat might be?

Well done you guessed it! It was tasty pineapple.


Another challenge we had was to make a fan found in Pakistan! It was very creative, we were allowed to add our own individual style and make it our own! It was amazing.



Finally, we were all able to taste test the different foods it was exciting to try new foods and learn where they are from!

We tried mango’s which are grown in Pakistan, Pineapple which is found in Africa, Strawberries from England and prawn crackers from China!

They were very yummy!




Outdoor band

We went outside in the sunshine and sung different songs with percussion instruments just like the superstars at Glastonbury!!!

Performance to Parents.

We spread the happiness by singing to our parents! We were inspired by the creation of the yellow submarine and by learning the song, so we created another submarine outdoors and sung 'Yellow Submarine' by the beatles! We also sung our goodbye song and if your happy and you know it! It was great fun and it put a smile on not only our faces but our parents and carers faces too! It was amazing, we felt like popstars!




Week 3

Having fun is contagious, we are going to continue voyaging happiness as we complete our challenges!

Run so fast you can fly

As a whole nursery we ran so fast that we could fly!! It was great fun especially outdoors in the sunshine. We ran so fast we flew as high as the birds in the sky!!