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Sign Language

Hello Heron Cross Children and Families 

Many of you were interested to learn more about British Sign Language ,  which is a method of signing used by the Deaf Community in the United Kingdom. 

Mrs Jennifer Brown taught me some basic sign language and these are the things she stressed, 

1. Always show the lip pattern of the words, by speaking or mouthing the words as you sign.

2. Make sure your facial expression matches your sign. For example if you sign the word "happy "  ( which is clap twice ) , your face should show a lovely bright smile ! A real smile shows in your eyes as well as your mouth!

3. Try to wear clothes which are plain because patterns can make it more tiring for the deaf person to read your signs. 

4. Wear clothes which contrast with your skin colour. I should wear dark colours because I have very pale white skin. If you have black skin, it helps the deaf person if  you wear a light colour. 

There are many excellent videos on the website to show you British Sign Language. 

Here are the British Sign Language  finger spelling patterns for the letters of the alphabet


Have fun and Keeeeeeep Sogning!

Best wishes from

Mrs Joy Stephens , 1.04.20. 

20.04.20. I hope you have all seen the inspiring choir from Manchester on Britain's Got Talent called "Sign Along With Us."

Their audition signing and singing "This Is Me" is so moving. Jade Kildiff has made many videos on You Tube , teaching her brother Christian a basic form of sign language , called Makaton . This helps him to communicate because he has Cerebral Palsy. It just shows how effective signing has been because he is starting to talk now!




Missing you all lots! Take great care,

Lots of love from Mrs Stephens