Heron Cross Primary School
Grove Road, Heron Cross
Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 4LJ

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Additional Funding

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Heron Cross P.E. Funding

The staff at Heron Cross have been working alongside Manchester Metropolitan University, A Chance to Shine and the Bee Active team to introduce the children to a number of different competitive sports. These companies have been working with the children and staff to ensure that the children are recieving high quality lessons and extra-curricular clubs which the children enjoy participating in. By competiting in competitive sports the children are learning important skills suchas team work and discipline which can then be applied to other subjects.


The Heron Cross staff worked alongside Manchester Metropolitan University to ensure that we can offer high quality P.E. lessons to all pupils. These specialists introduced many strategies and techniques which allow the staff to differentiate lessons and to encourage participation and enthusiasm of all pupils.  We involved the children in this training as they took part in modelled sessions. The children really enjoyed this and  were eager to take part in their next P.E. session.



Over the last two terms we have introduced the Bee Active team to the Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage children. The Bee Active team work alongside the teaching staff to encourage the children to participate in lots of different physical activities. These activities are often link to other subjects such as numeracy. With children using resources to create shapes and to count reliably.

The children have really enjoyed this opportunity and are always eager to take part in the Bee Active sessions.

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