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Maths Daily Home Tasks

A big HELLO from Mrs Rathbone, Mrs Sanders, Miss Townsend and Mrs Buttery!

We miss you all so much and hope you are looking after yourselves and your families.

Don't forget to do an activity from your pack each day, it is important to keep learning even though you are not at school.

We will also be posting daily tasks for you to do on here, to keep you busy and prepare you for High School, which is not too far away!

Follow us on Instagram or Twitter: heroncrossps

We will be posting messages daily as another way to keep in touch.



Another Monday, another arithmetic:



We are going to be looking at angles for the rest of the week. Take a look on the White Rose website in the Home Learning section for videos. I will post the worksheets here for you to complete.



















Its Monday again! Hope you are all well. Today's arithmetic is here for you:



We are going to be looking at measures this week. Today I would like to you complete the worksheet on time:




1/7/20- Wow! I can't believe that it is July already! Today we are looking at timetables:




2/7/20 Today we are moving onto metric measures.





Today is White Rose Challenge Day- go onto the White Rose website and complete the Friday Challenges. Have a lovely weekend  


Maths week beginning 22/6/20


Good Morning on this beautiful sunny day- I hope that you have had a lovely weekend and are ready for the new week ahead.

It's Monday which means it's arithmetic day!



Multiplication of whole numbers:





Short divison





Multiplication of decimals





Division of decimals





Maths week beginning 15/6/20


Good Morning- hope you are all staying safe. I am posting the maths for the whole week. Today is Monday so we are going to do arithmetic:


Answers will be posted later.


Multiples: https://resources.whiterosemaths.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Y6-Autum...

ANSWERS: https://resources.whiterosemaths.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Y6-Autum...


Factors: https://resources.whiterosemaths.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Y6-Autum...

ANSWERS: https://resources.whiterosemaths.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Y6-Autum...


Prime Numbers: https://resources.whiterosemaths.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Y6-Autum...

ANSWERS: https://resources.whiterosemaths.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Y6-Autum...


Friday is White Rose Challenge day- I will post the challenges when they are on the website.


12.06.20 Trentham Academy

I have received an email from Trentham Academy regarding those pupils who will be going there in September.  You may well receive an email - if not here is a link to get information re: transition to the high school:




Hour of Code

Take a look at the following website: https://hourofcode.com/uk/learn

Here you can use coding to create games with your favourite characters! This morning, Miss Townsend created her own 'Google' logo! Send us any pictures of your creations!


Good Morning- hope you are all keeping safe. I am posting the maths for the rest of the week:


Adding/subtracting decimals





Adding/subtracting fractions





Simplifying fractions







Good Morning, today in maths we are looking at adding and subtracting whole numbers:






We are going to put a Yearbook together for the class of 2020. We would like all pupils to complete the page below and send it back to school by FRIDAY 19th JUNE 2020. We are in the process of setting up a Year 6 email address for you to send them back and will let you know it ASAP. If you do not have access to email, please let us know by phoning the school. 




Feel free to send us an email to tell us what you have been upto- we would love to hear from you.

We need your memories and messages by FRIDAY 19th JUNE 



Good Morning, another week has begun. I hope you are all well and staying safe. Today I have an arithmetic for you. There are two: one is similar to last week and two is an easier version for you to practise methods.

Choose which one you want to do and time yourselves 30 minutes, write down your score, then next week you can compare them. Remember anything over 20 is a good score, anything 25 or over is a great score.

I'll post the answers later.






Hello! Today is World Environment Day. In school we are thinking about all the things we can do to help the planet- using less plastic, recycling where possible, walking instead of driving. We are going to create a poster to show how we can look after our planet. We would love to see your creations. Post them on the Parent Forum and I can share them with the children who are in school. 

Take a look at this Powerpoint- it gives you more detailed information about World Environment Day 2020 and the theme Biodiversity.



Today is Maths Challenge Day- remember that the problems get more difficult as you go along.




Have a lovely weekend!



Good Morning, where has the sunshine gone? Mrs Buttery and I were freezing in school yesterday! We're in our winter clothes today!

Maths for today is rounding:




I have set up another TTRockstars challenge, this time it is for 4 weeks. LET THE BATTLE COMMENCE! 


TTRockstars update... well done to JT they won the recent tournament!


Hello! Today in maths we are revisiting comparing and ordering numbers: 





Hi everyone !  Mrs Sanders here.  Yesterday we started back at school.  It was lovely to see those that came in - WELCOME BACK !

To those of you remaining at home . . . you are still missed and we are thinking of you and your families.  Continue to stay safe xxx


The English tasks related to Treasure Island can be found on the Treasure Island page.  Visit the new page and scroll down for different activities.  



Hello, hope you are all well. Today in maths, we are revisiting Place Value. Have a go at the practice questions and the challenges:




Have a lovely day x




Good Morning! Hope you are all well. It it lovely to see some of you back at school and we miss those who are not here. I will still be posting maths activities daily on this page, all the work which is posted will be work that we are completing in school.

Today I have an arithmetic for you to complete:


I'll post the answers later. Enjoy the sunshine today!




Hi Year 6, I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine over the weekend. I spent all weekend in the garden, splashing in the paddling pool and having water fights with my girls!

I have set up another TTRockstar challenge- NR Vrs JT. It starts NOW and finishes next Tuesday so get on and play. LET THE BATTLE COMMENCE!


Good morning Year 6.  I trust you had an enjoyable extended weekend and enjoyed the wonderful weather.  I spent my weekend gardening, bike riding and lounge camping !  I was in school yesterday preparing for next Monday.  

In English we will be completing activities related to the story 'Treasure Island'.  I have set up a new page (beneath Daily Home Tasks) where the tasks completed in school can be accessed.  There is a little quiz to start you all off.  


Last week the Year 6 staff picked 4 stars of the week.

Well done to . . . 

ES  (6JT) / SG (6JT) / NF (6NR) for lots of home learning and OBr (6NR) for her resilience as a key worker child.



It's Friday! Friday in maths is Challenge Day!

Click on the link for today's challenges- remember that they get more difficult as you work through them.


ANSWERS: Only look at the answers when you have tried all the challenges!



Happy Friday Year 6 !  Firstly apologies as yesterday's task has some how disappeared !  So I shall endeavour to upload again today.

Rainbows are a symbol of hope and there is one featued in the story of Noah's Ark.  The rainbow image has been widely used during this pandemic to inspire hope and resilience in a very challenging time.

Can you find any rainbow quotes that encourage people to retain hope ?

Do you know the order of the colours - there is a little rhyme that you can use.





Good Morning! Today in maths we are looking at dividing decimals.


The video for this lesson is here:




Have a lovely day- enjoy the sunshine



Morning all !  

In the story, the librarian told the children the story of Noah's Ark.  Noah had been instructed to take in two of each animal.  Do you know the different names for the male and female of the species ?


Hello! The maths for today is Multiplying decimals by integers. The video link and worksheets are below:



ANSWERS (no peeking until you have had a good try!) https://resources.whiterosemaths.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Lesson-2...

The answers from yesterday's worksheets are here: 




Hello Year 6 !  Today there are some SPAG tasks to do.  I hope you remember all of the key terms we have been learning about.  There are a number of tasks on SPAG.com - if you are having problems accessing your account please contact school by phone or email and we can get your log-in details checked.

NEWS FLASH: 4 new tasks set for Year 6 on SPAG.com 




Hi, Mrs Rathbone here, I'm setting your maths today (Mrs Sanders and I are tag teaming it this week!)

We are going to look at the White Rose home learning. Today the lesson is multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000. There is a video with the lesson and then the worksheets for you to complete. You don't have to print the worksheet, just write the answers down on paper if your haven't got a printer. 



These links have worked for me on my computer and phone but please let us know if they are not working for you. Mrs Sanders is in school today and she can let me know. The video can be found on the White Rose website under Year 6 homelearning.

I wanted to say a big thankyou for the letters we have recieved- it is so lovely to hear from you. If you haven't replied yet, it would be great if you did, send your letters to school and they will be passed on.

Have a lovely day x



Happy Monday Year 6 !  Start of a new week.  Hopefully you are all safe and well and have had a good weekend.  

On Friday we looked at making bread: Tomas loves his afternoon snack of bread and honey.  Today's task is based around bees . . . their anatomy and lifecycle.


Maths - please find some general arithmetic to keep your brains ticking over.


Hello there Year 6 !  Well done for KC and JP getting Year 6's Star of the Week !

I have been impressed with KC's work I have seen on the Facebook forum and JePo has had a go at all of the tasks set on PurpleMash.

Well done too to EW and NF for the work you have been doing at home.  (NF: I loved your work on mythical creatures . . . you included Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster.  Cool !  EWi: good girl for having a go at the fractions work.  I hope you have remembered all of the different strategies we use !)

I have been trying to get to grips with using PurpleMash this week and I have managed to add some little tasks on the 6JT page.  Well done to the following pupils in 6JT who have completed all of the tasks set: ES, AG, SG, FL, JP and these pupils who have done some of the tasks set: IT, HA, LP, LEB, EW, EW.

There are lots of tasks to do on SPAG.com as well. 

If you cannot access anything just email the school and we can get back to you with log in details etc.  I am in school on Tuesdays and Thursdays so on those days you could ring school and I (should) be able to sort you out.  (Mrs Sanders)


Week commencing: 11th May 2020 . . . SATs week !!!

Mrs Sanders here !  I hope you are all safe and well.  Well today would have been the start of SATs week.  We would have been ready to sit down (after a delicious breakfast in the Community Room) and do our very best in the tests.  However, life has taken a bit of a detour and the plans we once had have all changed somewhat.  Go to the SATs information page and read the poem I have found on the internet.  I would love to talk about your return to Heron Cross but the truth is we still don't know when and how.  Rest assured we are all thinking of you and your families and missing you lots.  

P.S Thank you to the pupils who have sent letters to school.  It is so lovely to hear from you xxx

This week I have organised some cross curricular work on one of my favourite Michael Morpurgo stories and I thought in maths, in addition to the White Rose Problem of the Day,  we would do some fractions revision and consolidation.  There may be the odd video clip if I can work out how to upload and where to look !! All of the daily tasks will be posted below this message.


Hooray . . . it's FRIYAY !   I hope that you and your families are all ok.  

In maths we will conclude the fractions revision with work on dividing fractions.  Watch the video and have a go at the worksheet; there are 10 on fractions and 5 on simplifying (improper to mixed).  See what you can do !

Dividing fractions video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZOY-PGE3zE

Dividing fractions

In the story Tomas loves his daily snack of bread and honey.  Here are a couple of tasks related to bread making:


Good morning Year 6 !  The sun is shining and it's nearly the weekend. Hooray ! 

I am in school again today so Jack is happy as there isn't anyone breathing down his neck when he's doing his school work !

For maths today we are moving onto multiplying fractions.  There is, of course, a little video to remind you of the process and a word document with the calculations.  Don't worry if you cannot print it out - just write the answers down in a notebook or even type them in the answer box and save the document.  The main thing is that you are having a go and revising the methods we have worked on over the year.

Multiplying fractions video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSe0UlOXcnA

Multiplying Fractions

I hope you enjoyed researching and finding out about different mythical creatures.   Today's task is to write a description of a unicorn.  Think about using interesting vocabulary, similes, colour wow words as well as alliteration and maybe a bit of onomatopoeia.  Some ideas for you on the worksheet if you need them.

I Believe in Unicorns - Unicorn Description


Hello Year 6 . . . Wednesday already !  I hope you are all well.  I was in school yesterday busy making a couple of new videos and creating some more tasks for the I Believe in Unicorns mini project. There is a SPaG task to do plus a more creative activity about mythical creatures.  See the following links.

I Believe in Unicorns - SPaG

I Believe in Unicorns - Mythical Creatures

For maths you can use the same principles for subtracting fractions.  (I will post all of the answers on Monday so it gives you time to complete the tasks.)

Subtracting Fractions



Morning Year 6 ! I hope you are oll ok ?  I had a very busy day yesterday;  I did some school work with Jack, I went on a 6 mile bike ride with Danny, did some more work with Jack before watching a film, sorted some university bits out with Katy and made pizza with Danny.    I have also done a little video explaining the fractions quiz and prepared some questions for the story.  I am in school today so will check that the keyworker children and the staff are all ok before doing some more work.

Fraction quiz - answers and explanation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CInAw448_pA

Today we are going to be adding fractions.  Watch my explanation video before having a go at the worksheet.  https://youtu.be/6PxiXK8rzLs

Adding Fractions

I hope you enjoyed the shortened verson of I Believe in Unicorns.  Today's task is to answer some comprehension questions:

I Believe in Unicorns - comprehension



Please find the link to a PowerPoint with an abridged version of Michael Morpurgo's I Believe in Unicorns.  Today's tasks are to read the story and make note of any words you don't understand as well as design a new cover for the book.   Over the next couple of weeks there will be various tasks associated with the story. I hope you enjoy it !

I Believe in Unicorns - story

Fractions quiz   Answers tomorrow.  We will start looking at adding fractions also.




It is VE day! I am super impressed by the work I have seen, whether that be the articles already handed in or creative activities! Well done to you. As said yesterday, this task was to be spread out over the two days, so don't worry if you are yet to complete!

A special shoutout to KC, ES, NF and JP - What busy bees you all are!

Remember how much we love to celebrate a Friday - we want you all dancing! (Miss Townsend is practising her moves ready for our return!)

Answers to yesterday's problem of the day:

Today's problem of the day:


Hi everyone! As you may know, tomorrow is VE Day! It has been so lovely to see so many activities already being completed for VE day, I have seen a lot of bunting and even some baking to show celebration for this day!


''Victory in Europe Day/ VE Day took place on May 8th 1945. It was a public holiday and day of celebration to mark the defeat of Germany by the Allied forces in World War 2. VE Day marked the formal conclusion of the war with Germany and brought to an end six years of suffering, courage and endurance across the world.

People ran out on to the streets, hanging bunting and banners and dancing. People organised impromptu street parties, shared rationed food with the neighbours and listened to the wireless for updates.''

Your task:

Over the next two days, we would like for you to create a newspaper article about VE day and the end of World War 2. Remember to include the 5 Ws: who, what, where, when, why. Your article should also be in past tense. You may wish to complete this on purple mash (I have sent you all a '2do' for the activity) or write it on paper and think of a catchy headline.

Answers to yesterday's problem of the day:

Today's problem of the day:



Thanks to those who sent their quizzes in yesterday, we will complete them and hopefully get the answers back to you to mark! For today's task, we would like for you to create a dictionary of any tricky/important vocabulary you have found during this topic or in our 'Rainforest Calling' book. You might want to include words such as: Amphibians, Ecosystem, Endangered or Nocturnal. It's up to you! Remember that a dictionary is shown in alphabetical order. Once you have completed this, please share it with us! Can you find a word that we are unaware of? You know how we love to discover new words in Year 6!

Yesterday's problem of the day answers:

Today's problem of the day:


Hi everyone! I hope you are still enjoying our 'Rainforest Calling' ebook! I thought it would be a great idea to test how much we have all learned about rainforests since the start of this year...teachers included! I would love for you to create a quiz for us teachers to complete. You could take a picture of this and ask your parents to share on our facebook, twitter or instagram page. You might want to include multiple choice...or not! It's totally up to you. So, it's time for you to test us! We look forward to seeing them.

The answers to yesterday's maths problem:


Today's Maths problem:




Hi everyone, I cannot believe it is May already! I am really enjoying our new book 'Rainforest Calling', I hope this has reminded you of lots of key facts and encouraged you to find out even more! 

For your task today, I would love for you to think about how much we rely on the rainforest. Please take a look online to find out what materials or ingredients are taken from the rainforest for us to use. Then, think about what you have done today, what have you eaten? Make a list of materials or foods that you have relied on today. Twinkl has some fab fact cards! Please share these with us, I am going to make a list too! (Hint - we rely on the rainforest for chocolate! Miss T's favourite).

Maths problem of the day -


Me again! Mrs Sanders has told me that MQ and FL have had problems viewing the story- sorry, this is working on my computer and phone as I always check; however, I have put a link on to the PDF file- hope this works but let us know by emailing school if it doesn't. Much love Mrs R 



It's the 1st May and it's Friday! What a great day. I'm pleased to report that my cake went down a storm- it tasted lovely! 


In our story 'Rainforest Calling' Daisy meets a Potoo:

What a funny looking bird! I would like you to find out some fun facts about this strange animal. You might want to create a report or have a try at drawing this funny creature (I know at lot of you are fantastic artists) There are many websites with information. Send photo's of your work- we would love to see the results of your research.


Today is Family Challenge Friday on White Rose. I would like you to have a go at each challenge (they get more difficult) Maybe challenge someone in your house- who can complete them the quickest? My Ellie has challeneged me- I can't let her beat me! Click on the link and get going! Answers will be posted on the WR website later and I'll copy them onto here.


Yesterday's Maths Problem answers:

REMEMBER, we love to sing and dance on a Friday afternoon so make sure you turn up the music and sing your heart out! Listen to something new, find out who your parenst/grandparents/siblings like to listen to and give it a listen. My song of choice today is going to be something by The Backstreet Boys! It reminds me of you guys!

Have a lovely weekend- sending sunshine to you all  


Good Morning! It's my Ellie's birthday today, check out the cake I made...

I have never made a cake (without help) before so this is a new skill I have learnt! Mrs Buttery will be pleased as maybe she won't have to do all the baking and cooking in school! 


Today I would like you to re-read pages 8-11 in our story 'Rainforest Calling' and create an Amazon rainforest fact file/ poster. If you have a computer, you could create a Powerpoint.

A big shout out to MQ- we absolutely loved your poster you created. The photo's made our day.


Yesterday's answers:

Today's maths Problems:

I'm off to PARTY, PARTY, PARTY with my Ellie- we will be doing ALOT of dancing today (and eating my cake!) Take Care x  


Hi, we are going to continue with our rainforest theme today; I hope you enjoyed reading the story, reading is so important so if you only do one thing today, read.


I would like you to look at the layers of the rainforest today. There is a link to a worksheet below but you can make your own poster or get creative and make a model of the rainforest- get your family involved, you could all work together to create a masterpiece! It doesn't have to be completed today either, all of these tasks can be completed at your own pace.

Remember to send a photo, we love seeing your work.

https://www.twinkl.co.uk/download/1909680    LAYERS OF THE RAINFOREST 



Answers to yesterday problems:

Today's maths problems:

Remember to head over to White Rose and check out today's maths lesson too!

Finally, it is  INTERNATIONAL DANCE DAY today. You know we all love a dance in Year 6 (especially Mrs Buttery!) so put some music on really loud and dance, dance, dance! You could choreograph a dance with your sibling- pretend you are on BGT, who knows, you might even get the Golden Buzzer! Have fun, laugh and enjoy yourself. 

I'm off to bake a cake for E's birthday tomorrow whilst dancing around my kitchen! Wish me luck! I haven't got Mrs Buttery to help me! I will post a photo tomorrow!



Good Morning- hope you are all well today.

For the rest of the week, we are going to be doing some work on the rainforest. This  is something we started at school and I thought it would be lovely to finish the topic.


I have found this story on https://www.twinkl.co.uk  You can download it from the website or there is a link below.


https://www.twinkl.co.uk/download/5304073-697392  STORY

I would like you to read it and answer the comprehension questions on this link below. There are three opitons and I would like you to complete the 2 star or 3 star option. The answers are at the end- so no looking until you have completed it!

https://www.twinkl.co.uk/download/5291305  COMPREHENSION

There is also a video link below of pages 1-7 being read to you, which is the section of the story that the comprehension is based on.



Today's lesson on White Rose is 'Angles in regular polygons' have a go, The videos are very good to watch. https://www.whiterosemaths.com 

Today's maths problems are:

Answers to Yesterday's Problems:

Enjoy reading the book, have a lovely day x

Hi there Year 6 !  Happy Monday to you all xx  Mrs Sanders here . . . 

I have opened up some more tasks on SPAG.com.  (example tests D, E and F)

Example tests B and C were set up on 11th March and only 13 and 8 pupils respectively have completed them.

Each test has 50 questions and quizzes you on all areas of grammar and punctuation.  They are a really useful resource to use to practice and revise the key terms.  If you have misplaced your log in details or cannot get on please contact me at school tomorrow or email heroncross@heroncross.org.uk and I will let you know your details.



It's Birthday Monday! I have mangaged to get a list of Birthday's so we can send virtual singing and hugs to you on your special day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY and shout out to:

NR: MH, OW, NA- you have all had birthday's since we haven't been at school.

JT: RL, ES, AG, WS  who have all had birthday's since we haven't been in school and this week a special Happy Birthday to EW!

We hope you had/have a lovely day. 


White Rose have some fantastic reasources available for you to complete- have a look if you haven't already. This week they are covering the following:

Today Maths Problems:


Look on BBC Bitesize too- there are daily lessons on all subjects with videos to watch.

See you tomorrow- have a great day 


It's Friday! You know how much we love a Maths challenge on a Friday! Please use the White Rose Maths website to complete this week's Maths challenge: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/  We look forward to seeing how you do with these. Can you get your family involved too? Work together and help eachother. 

On Friday's, we also love to celebrate our Stars of the Week, it is so tricky to choose as we know lots of you are completing the daily tasks and using online resources to help with your learning. However, a special shoutout to FL for her fabulous Earth Day poster! Another special shoutout to KT for making a rockslam tournament against Miss Townsend very tricky for her to beat! (Year 6 know I am very competitive!)

Please don't forget to logon to Purple Mash incase you are left any 2dos.

Answers to yesterday's maths problem:


Friday's word of the day:



Hi there everyone !  Mrs Sanders here.  I have done a sheet for you so you can find things out about your new high schools ready for September.

Transition task 1



Hi everyone! As you may already know...today is St George's day! It would be lovely for you to research this story (although I'm sure you already know it!) and rewrite the story using the punctuation and vocabulary we have used in year 6 so far! We would love to read some of these. You might even want to include a 'word of the day' that you have been looking at on this page during the past few weeks.

Answers to yesterday's Maths problem:

Thursday's Maths problem:

Thursday's word of the day:



Good morning, we hope you are all well, on another beautiful sunny day. Mrs Rathbone has been doing lots of gardening- well weeding!

We like to go off timetable from time to time to celebrate a special event and today we are going to celebrate Earth Day- Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated worldwide, to demonstrate support for protecting our earth. this year the theme is climate action.

We would like you to complete the comprehension on Earth Day:


There are three different opitons on the link and we would like you to complete either the two stars or three stars sheet.

Answers are here too but don't look at them until you have completed it! You don't have to print it off, just have a go a writing the answers on a sheet of paper or discuss the answers with someone you live with.

After you have completed the comprehension it would be lovely if you could create something associated with Saving our Earth. I know MH in NR painted a lovely poster on this subject (it's on our classroom wall) You could design a poster to put in your window, find some facts from the comprehension and write them on your poster.

Search Earth Day and you will find many videos and activities to keep you busy.

Also, if you head over to the Earth Day website, they have more information and a live stream happening today:  https://www.earthday.org

We would love you to send us photos of what you have created.

If we were at school, we would have completed some beautiful pages for our Topic Books maybe you could create something of your own.

Remember to try and get outside today and celebrate our wonderful Earth.

Answers to yesterday's Maths Problems:

Today's maths problem:


The answers to yesterday's maths problem of the day are: 2565,   45p,    78p

Tuesday's problem:

Tuesday's word:



Hi everyone! We hope you have made the most of the Easter holidays and enjoyed the lovely weather. We would like to remind you all about the home learning daily lessons that are available on the White Rose Maths website, a fabulous way to keep our brains active! Click on the link to take part, Summer term 1 is now available! https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/

Please don't forget to share your work with us through our instagram or twitter page. 

Monday's problem:

Monday's word:

TT Rockstars update:

Well done to 6NR! You won the battle of the Year 6 classes! A special well done to KT and LB (6NR) and WA and PH (6JT)!



So we've come to the end of the Spring Term- it's been an unusual couple of weeks; it has taken some time to get used to being at home and not seeing you all everyday but remember: we are always here and we are still your teachers- we are so proud of you all.

Well done if you have been working hard at home, I recieved a lovely photo of BT yesterday doing some more baking. The photo's brighten our day so keep sending them.

I have set up a new TTRockstar challenge, it starts on Monday and will last throughout the Easter holiday- I'll keep you updated on the results. 

Yesterday's maths problem answers: 52%, Wednesday, 3.1, 3 1/4, 18/5

We will post more Maths and English activities after the Easter Holiday.

We would like you to do some Easter related activities over the next two weeks, if you click on the link, there are lots of ideas for you: /sites/default/files/eggcellent-easter-activities.pdf?42

Don't forget, you can always complete tasks from your pack or go on SPAG.com.

Remember to perfom a random act of kindness every now and then- it can brighten up someone's day. 

Remember to have some fun, relax, watch films and be kind to each other x


It's Thursday! I've just been looking at the Science experiment photo's. It just goes to show how washing your hands for 20 seconds is so important- look at the mould on the dirty hands bread...YUK! Sticking on the Science theme, I've found a great experiment you can try at home- check out 'How to make a Lava Lamp'...

Yesterday's Maths Problem answers: £2,846, various answers for number two- one option= 14, 4.2 x 10 = 42, 420 divided 10 = 42

Today's Maths Problems:

Thursday's word:

And here is the news that we've all been waiting for... the TTRockstars results!!

The winners are ............ 6JT!! Well done to WA who came through at the end and won it for JT! Good effort JP, you were the key player in NR.

We will organise another battle soon but remember that you can logon and play anytime! Have a lovely day x


We thought we would keep you up to date with the science experiment that we started on the 18/3! Take a look at the images below. Can you write a paragraph explaining what you think has happened, what conclusions can be made? Let's put our scientist hats on, don't forget to share your work with us! We love seeing the work you are completing at home!

Exciting news alert!! 

JT are now beating NR in our TTRockstars battle!! Well Done EW in JT you're a superstar!

The battle finishes tonight at 7.30pm so get on and play as much as you can. Come on NR!

Tuesday's maths answers: 871, 5 x 7 x 3= 105, The train costs £39 and the rocket costs £13

Today's maths problems:

Word of the Day:


Hi there Year 6 !  Mrs Sanders here to remind you to check out SPAG.com and TTRockStars (I have personally challenged you all !).  Try and keep up with a bit of this and a bit of that everyday.  Take care everyone ! xx


Good Morning! - hope you are all well and getting into a routine at home. This week, the national drawing challenge is to draw a sunshine and put it in your window so when people walk past your house, it will make them smile and they can spot the sunshine's on their journey. It would be lovely if you could post your pictures on our Instagram or Twitter page so we can see them.

Answers to yesterday's maths problems: 36 + 75 = 111, 6 x 127 = 762

Tuesday's Problems:

Tuesday's word:

We have one more day left of the TTRockstar class challenge so logon and get battling!! 

Post some photo's we would love to see you.


HAPPY MONDAY! If it's your birthday this week, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Well Done EW in JT and JP in NR- you are top of your classes!

Super Well Done to NR- you are winning! COME ON JT!!

Here is the answers to Friday's Problems: 1950, 2045, 6.4= 1 + 5.4, 1 + 12/5, 20.5cm

Monday's Problems:

Tips: angles on a line= 180 degrees              angles in a triangle= 180 degrees

Word of the Day:



Mrs Sanders here . . . .Hope you are all having a good weekend.  Remember that over the coming weeks it is important to have some kind of routine to organise your day.  Try to be creative and include a variety of shorter activities.  

Here's the answers to my arithmetic task:


It's Friday! Friday is our favourite day in Year 6. Don't forget to practice your times tables today. Play some of your favourite music and dance around your living room (that's what we will be doing, you know how much Mrs Buttery loves to dance!) 

Today is also Star of the Week. It is impossible to choose one star this week because in our eyes, you are all stars but we want to send 'Shout Outs' to some class members who we know have been working hard:

Mrs Rathbone and Mrs Buttery's Class: A big well done to OW, NF and KS for completing the daily tasks- keep up the good work boys! Also a well done to RH for her lovely funny face picture- we're sure that it's making people smile as they walk past your house. We hope your baking went well BT- it was lovely to see you working hard in the kitchen.

Miss Townsend and Mrs Sander's class: A huge well done to EW for all of your hard work this week- it's also lovely to see your photo's.

Head over to the Chester Zoo website today, they are doing virtual tours of different animals:

10.00- Red pandas, 11.00- giraffes, 12.00- elephants, 13.00- butterflies, 14.00- sun bears, 14.30- tigers, 14.45- penguins, 16.00- aquarium.

Answers to yesterday's maths problems: 27, 12/7 and 12/8, 7/32

Here is Friday's problems:

Today's word is:

Why don't you all accompany us on the virtual Chester Zoo trip, we can't wait to see the tigers!

Try to make your weekend feel different to the weekdays, spend all day in your garden, play board games, have some time on your computer and spend all day in your PJ's! Have a lovely weekend- see you back here on Monday x



Mrs Sanders here !  Hello there Year 6 . . . I hope you are all happy and well.  

I have done an arithmetic sheet for you - click on the hyperlink and download.  Can you complete it in 30 minutes ?

I will post the answers in a couple of days.

Good luck !  



Hi everyone, another sunny day for us all. Mrs Rathbone has just completed the Joe Wicks workout- find him on youtube everyday. Its great fun! 

Answers to yesterday's problems- 19,900, 600, 96, 9

Here is Thursday's problems:

The word of the day today is 'variety' Try to complete an activity based on the word:

Try to include a variety of activities into your day. Mrs Rathbone is determined to do some gardening in the sunshine! Take Care x


Hi everyone, what a beautiful day it is today! Try and get out into your garden today- build a den or practice your netball skillls. Sunshine is good for you and makes us all happy.

Miss Townsend has set up a TTRockstars Challenge- NR vrs JT! Get yourselves onto TT Rockstars and 'Let the battle commence' We'll let you know the results when they have been verified and counted!

If you want to do some extra maths, we will be posting 'Problems of the Day' from White Rose. Answers will be given the next day. Here is Wednesday's problem:

We will also be posting 'Words of the Day' These are words that you have had for spelling practice throughout Year 5 and 6. It will help you at High School if you can spell them correctly. Each word will have different activities for you to complete. This week's words are:

Try the activities for today's word:

See you tomorrow!


We have talked about how to be kind to each other, today we would like you to perform a random act of kindness to someone in your house. You could give your mum/dad a hug, say something kind to your sibling or help tidy your bedroom! It doesn't have to be anything big, just something to show you care.