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Home learning


English - Create a contrast poem to describe Dylan's feeling about moving to Wales using powerful adjectives. The structure is negative feeling first, positive feeling underneath then repeat :) For example:


Nervous...we are going somewhere new.

Excited... I'm going to get to know Grandad!


Overwhelmed...Everything have bee going wrong.

Hopeful...Things could get better.


Maths - addition and subtraction  - complete the colour sheet you feel most confident with. Worksheet Power Point

Spellings for the week will be on spelling shed.



English - Use information from the book to write a conversation between two characters in the story. If you struggle to remember any conversations, you could write a conversation between you and someone at home! The key thing to remember here is your punctuation. For example ''Where are we going?'' I asked curiously.  The rule of 5! Inverted commas, capital letter, punctuation (,?!), inverted comma and full stop.

Maths - addition - Worksheet choose the colour sheet that you feel most confident with! This is building on from yesterday's work. An extra exchange will be required.



English - SPAG - inverted commas Spag

Maths - Arithmetic choose the sheet that you feel most confident with!