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Daily Tasks (March 2020)

This is the Daily Tasks page for the period of March 2020. Please see the 'Daily Home Tasks' page for up to date activities and ideas for things for you to do and learn at home.   Feel free to use this page to discover new activities that you may have missed! 

Stay safe, with love from Mrs Hancock, Miss Kamarauskas, Mrs Stephens, Mrs Boardman and Mr Shenton.   

Try and start each day with a physical activity.  

Join Joe Wickes and take part in his daily PE lessons @ 9.00  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ

Sing along and complete the actions with the Supermovers team https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/supermovers

Go on an interactive adventure https://www.cosmickids.com/

Story time with Miss Kam:


Monday 30th March

Hello Year 1!  How are you?  We hope that you have had a lovely weekend with your family and you enjoyed the sunshine.  Mrs Hancock has been den building, Miss Kamarauskas has been playing indoor golf and Mrs Stephens has been writing a new song!

Can you make somebody in your family smile today? Share the love and spread a little joy. 

Today’s learning activities for you:

PHONICS – Mrs Stephens has set you a challenge!  She has made a word wheel for you to look at using the ch phoneme. 


Can you read the words?  Can you think of other ch words that you could add to the word wheel?  Can you say and write these words in a sentence?  If you have the materials available to you, you could make your own word wheel.    https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/20618110764307009/

MATHS – Use your maths time today to play a board game or a game of cards.  You may need to use your counting / adding / matching skills.  Mrs Hancock is going to play Snakes and Ladders and practise reading numbers to 100.  Miss Kamarauskas is looking forward to playing Monopoly.  Can you design and make your own board game like Mrs Stephens?  

ENGLISH – We have spent some time reading, following and writing instructions in school.  Can you follow the recipe to make salt dough?  Read and follow the instructions carefully.  https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/how-make-salt-dough-recipe Use your salt dough to make a sign of spring – for example a flower, a blossom tree, a rabbit, a sunshine etc. 

COMPUTING We have set up a 2Do task on Purple Mash.  Can you login to complete it?   It asks you to draw a Spring picture.  If you are unable to login or find it tricky then you could draw / paint / build a picture using materials that you have available to you at home. 

165+ Powerful Education Quotes and Sayings For Kids, Students (Images)

Sending lots of love from Mrs Hancock, Miss Kamarauskas and Mrs Stephens xxx


Friday 27th March

Good Morning Year 1!  We hope that you and your families are well.  We are missing you all. We have seen some of the wonderful learning that is taking place at home and it is making us very proud.

Well done to DB, BJ and LT for working hard on Spelling Shed this week and DB and LP for completing TT Rockstars challenges!

Here are your learning activities for today.


Can you practise reading and spelling words containing split digraphs?  ( a-e  e-e  i-e  o-e  u-e) Follow the link and sing along!    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aWWww-QgzY

Now have a go at the Forest Phonics game to practise writing words containing the split digraphs  https://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/forestPhonics/index.html

Friday is our Times Tables Challenge day! Ask an adult to help you to practise counting in 2s / 10s / 5s.  Then put your skills to the test by playing the times table games at   https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/mental-maths-train You can choose to test your 2 / 10 / 5 times tables or a combination of them all.  Good luck!


Time to practise your spellings!  Follow the link to complete the spelling activity online.  Choose a list of words that you are confident with from the coloured bird boxes.  http://www.ictgames.com/littleBirdSpelling/

Can you think of other fun ways to practise reading / writing the common exception words?  As the sun is shining you could go outside to write them in chalk … or use a paintbrush and water to write them on a wall … or use a stick to write them in the sand … or write them on pebbles …Have fun!


We have been learning about healthy eating in school.  Can you use your new knowledge to help an adult to plan and prepare / make / cook a healthy meal?  When you have finished you could design and create your own menu.  (You can complete one online at Purple Mash – your login details are in your reading diary).  https://www.purplemash.com/#app/leaflets/lunch_menu

We would love to see photos of the learning that is taking place at home. Don’t forget to share your pictures on our Instagram page.

We would like to say a huge thank you to parents and carers for continuing to support learning at home.

HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND.  Stay safe and take care xx

Thursday 26th March

こんにちは Kon'nichiwa Year 1, we hope you have been enjoying the sunshine and that you have been enjoying spending time with your families and your pets! We have all been thinking about you! FH we saw the super den that you made, well done!

After having a workout with Joe Wicks, why not have a go at some of today's activity suggestions:


Visit Phonics Play at https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/   to play a game to practise your blending skills.


Practise your 10 x table by singing along to one of our favourite songs on Purple Mash (login is in your reading diary).


Practise your counting! How many handles to doors and draws do you have in your house? How many light switches do you have in your house? How many lights / beds / toliets / windows / doors / radiators / steps / stairs do you have in your house? Why not make a list!

Can you add 2 or even 5 to each set of items you have counted? 



What season are we in? Can you name the 4 seasons and describe what the weather is mostly like for each season? Here is an idea of how to start one of your sentences:

In Summer the weather is 


Can you draw a picture of the sorts of clothes you would wear for each season? You could draw yourself or your favourite animal wearing them!

What would your garden or the park look like each season? What would the trees look like? 




We LOVE music in Year 1! We would like you to listen to some music by famous music legends from the past with a parent or carer. Please choose 3 music artists from the list below to listen to and even learn about. Have fun! Miss Kam loves the Beatles and Mrs Hancock loves Aretha Franklin! Can you think of any more of your own?

The Beatles


Marvin Gaye

Elton John

Aretha Franklin

Stevie Wonder

David Bowie

Michael Jackson



The Beach Boys

Frank Sinatra

Diana Ross

The Bee Gees

Whitney Houston

Wednesday 25th March

Good morning Year 1.  We hope that you are all well and looking after yourselves and your families.  We miss you all so much! 

Are you following the Joe Wicks workout each morning?  It’s a great way to start your day!

Ideas for today's activities: 


Visit Phonics Play at https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/   to play a game to practise your blending skills.


Practise your 2 x table by singing along to our favourite song at


Can you find objects in your house and practise counting them in 2s? 


Go on a NOUN hunt in your house.  (Remember a noun is an object / person / place / animal).  How many nouns can you find that begin with the letter S?  Time yourself … how long does it take to collect 3 nouns from each room in your house?  Can you use an ADJECTIVE to describe the nouns? (For example, quiet, pink, soft, spiky etc)


How are your sunflowers getting on?  Have they started to grow yet?

Why don’t you start a sunflower diary.  Observe the changes and measure your sunflower as it grows.

Can you use sunflowers to inspire you to create a piece of art?  Look at the picture by Vincent Van Gogh for inspiration.  Use whatever materials are available to you. 


Why not end your day with some calming yoga?  Try these garden poses. 

Remember to follow us on Instagram or twitter for other ideas or to simply stay in touch. 

Stay safe, lots of love from your Year 1 teachers xx


Tuesday 24th March

Bonjour Year 1! We hope you are having a lovely week so far. Paddington and Honey went for a little walk yesterday and spotted 4 rainbows in the windows of people's homes! Have you put your rainbow in your window yet?


Start your day at 9am with a PE lesson with Joe Wicks! 


Next, practise your 2, 10 and even 5 timetables with the Super Movers...



After that, we would like you to learn the days of the week. Here is a fun song to help you learn them, you may recognise the tune. We are sure Mrs Stevens could play this on her guitar!


Remember that the days of the week are proper nouns so they need capital letters. 

Can you write a sentence for each day of this week? You could write about what you have been doing or what you are going to do later this week. Can you extend each sentence using 'and' or 'because'? Here are three of Miss Kam's sentences to help you:


On Monday I read a book in my garden with my dog Walter.

On Tuesday I made a ham sandwich and I cut it into squares.

On Wednesday I will draw a picture of a flower for my friend because it is her birthday.


Can you finish your day with a quick phonics game ?  

Visit Phonics Play at https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/  

Click on the RESOURCES tab, choose the FLASHCARDS game to practise grapheme recognition and then choose a game to practise your blending skills.  Mrs Hancock likes to play Buried Treasure, Miss Kamarauskas likes Dragon’s Den and Mrs Stephens likes Picnic on Pluto.  Which is your favourite game?  



Monday 23rd March 

Good morning Year 1! We hope you had a super weekend. Start the day by taking part in Joe Wicks' PE class...

Choose one of the exciting activities from the list below. Miss Kam's favourite is reading in a den whilst Mrs Hancock's favourite activity is writing a nature diary...

Today we would like you to retell the story of Alice in Wonderland.
You may wish to write the story (using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops), you may wish to act the story out to someone you live with using your toys or using pictures you have drawn or printed of the different characters. Be as creative as you wish, have fun! 

In other news, Paddington Bear and Honey (Ella's bear) are staying at Miss Kam's house! Watch this space for updates on their learning and their fun adventures!