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Daily Home Tasks




                                         Hello our Year 1 family!

Here you will find fun things for you to do at home and NEW things to learn!

                 We miss you all very much! Stay safe and see you soon!

    Love Miss Kamarauskas, Mrs Stephens, Mrs Boardman and Mr Shenton xXx



               In Year 1 we think you are ALL wonderful just the way YOU are.

              We think you are ALL very special and we are missing you lots.


How to start each day - PE , Phonics and Reading

We suggest that you start each day with some exercise with Jo Wicks, yoga with Jamie on Cosmic kids or some dancing with Oti!




Use Phonics Play to recap sounds you know and to learn new sounds and tricky words each day! There are lots of fun games to play too. Practising your sounds will help you to get better at reading and writing. Read as much as you can. Reading is fun! You should be reading everyday. The login is on the website. 



Purple Mash Blogs and 2Do tasks

Did you know that you can write to the Year 1 teachers on Purple Mashhttps://www.purplemash.com/sch/heron-st4

Each class has a blog so why not login to tell us what you have been doing at home. Your login is found at the front of your reading diary. You will need an adult to help you. You will also find fun tasks that we have set for you to do at home.

To our wonderful children and their families,

It has been an absolute joy to teach you and to get to know you all this year. You have bought smiles, warmth and laughter into our classrooms. Thank you for all of your hard work and continued support this year. The Year 1 staff really will miss you all very much! We are looking forward to seeing you in the school corridors, on our playgrounds and in our halls in September. We hope you have a fantastic summer and we wish you all the very best for Year 2! All of our virtual hugs, Miss Kam and the Year 1 team xXx

Wednesday 15th July 

Hello Year 1 children and families

Well today is our last day of term , so soon you will be Year 2 children!

All the Year 1 staff wish you a happy and safe  summer! 

See you all in September . 

Enjoy our last day of  Home Tasks! 


English and Maths 

Can you ask an adult to help you to read a recipe and cook something?

Here's a recipe for delicious flapjacks.

You can bake them in a medium oven for about 12 minutes, if you haven't got a microwave oven.

You might want to add some chopped  fruit such as raisins or apricots, instead of  using sugar.

You are using your reading skills if you follow a recipe and using so many maths skils too ... weighing , counting  minutes, temperatures,  fractions ( cutting the flapjacks into pieces ) and division ( sharing the flapjack with your family) 

English / Art and Design

Here are my hand puppets, Bill and Phil 

Can you make up a story about them and what they might be saying to eachother?

Can you make a puppet ?

Use a paper plate and draw a face on it  and perhaps  stick some wool on it for hair.

Or  ... use an old sock and draw a face on the toe end or ask someone to help you sew two buttons on for eyes.

Or  ... use an empty  fruit corner yogurt pot. Again stick hair, a hat and a face onto your puppet and then put your fingers into  the two sections... you can move the mouth to make it talk! 

Or ... use a wooden spoon ... draw a face on the spoon and use some fabric to make some clothes, then stick them onto the spoon's handle. 

Make up a story and tell the story using your puppet .


This is Maria, my string puppet.

My Mum and Dad gave her to me when I was the same age as you! 

She likes to meet the children and families,  wherever I am working !

However because of the virus, I have had to leave her at home!

She is sad because she misses the children.

Can you write a story with Maria, Bill and Phil as the main characters? 


Lots and lots of love

from Mrs Stephens and all the Year 1 family 



Tuesday 14th July 

Morning Year 1 children and families ,

Enjoy these fun activities!


English / Art and Design 

I have made a pair of enormous listening ears !

I hope they have made you all laugh ?

Can you make some listening ears ? 

I made mine using two paper plates sellotaped onto a headband.

You could make some with a ring of cardboard from a cereal box. 

Can you wear your enormous listening ears and listen carefully for 3 minutes?

Write a list and draw all the things you heard. 


Maths / Science

I have been very busy because I have also made a telephone !

Can you ask an adult to help you to make one? 

You need to put a hole in the bottom of two empty yogurt pots and thread some string through the holes.

Tie the string into a knot inside the pot. Hold the string tight, so it is straight and talk to someone who is holding the other pot to his or her ear. The sound of your voice should travel down the string.

Now ask an adult to talk to you on the telephone and ask you some number questions , such as 

1.       1 more than 6

2.       2 more than 8 

3.        1  less than 9 

4.          3 more than 12

5.         10  -   3     =   ?

6.          7  +  2   =   ? 

7.          3   X   1 0    = ?

8.          4     X    5   =   ?

9.           6    X      2    =   ? 

10.    If you write the number   6 , which letters would you use? 


Lots of love from 

Mrs Stephens  xxxxxxx



Monday 13th July 

Morning Year 1 children and families,

Thank you Miss Kam and all the Year 1  staff and children for your kind happy birthday wishes!

All the Year 1 staff feel sad because we can't all be together for the last week of term. 

Keep reading, writing and counting ( everything and anything !) through the summer. 

Here are some fun activities for you to try ! 

Enjoy ! xxxxxxx 



 Have a look at this set of 4 cute cats 

1. Which cat is the tallest?

2. Which cat is the shortest ?

3. Which cats are shorter than the black cat?

4. Which cats are taller than the grey cat?

5. Here are the number bonds within 4 

0  +  4  =  4

1  +  3  =  4

2  +  2  =  4

3  +  1  =  4

4  +  0  =  4


Can you find a set of 10 objects, such as toy cars, Lego bricks or crayons? 

Can you make a list of the number bonds within 10, starting with 0  +  10  =  10 ?



Many of the children in school have been finding it hard to make the sound of  the first letter,  in a word which starts with a capital letter. It might be a capital because it is the start of a sentence or the  name of a person, a place,  the month or the day.

Some capital   letters  are the same shape as the lower case letters. 

For example capital S is the same shape as lower case s or little s. 

The capital letter S is taller than the lower case letter s.

S  s

Some capital letters  are  a different  shape than the lower case letters . 

For example capital R is a very different shape to the lower case r. 

R  r 


Can you practise writing your alphabet , using the capital letters and the lower case letters?

Can you ask an adult if they have an old newspaper or a leaflet and draw a big circle around (or highlight )  any capital letters you can see? 


Lots of love from 

Mrs Stephens and all the Year 1 staff xxxxxxxxx


Friday  10th  July 

It is Funky Friday which means It is the weekend tomorrow! Can you remember what 2 days of the week are part of the weekend? It is Mrs Stephens' birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday Mrs Stephens! It made me wonder...how many of you have had your birthday during lockdown. I bet you have all grown so much!

For those of you learning from home, your parents will receive your reports through the post within the next 2-5 days. I just wanted to say how very proud Mrs Stephens and I are of you all (and the rest of the Year 1 team). You are all very special and you are all wonderful children. You have all been a pleasure to teach and we will miss you all when you move into Year 2 in September.  We look forward to seeing your smiley faces soon! Here are today's tasks, have a wonderful weekend! Love Miss Kam xXx


After visiting PhonicsPlay to practise your phonics, we would like you to practise your timestables! Visit tt.rockstars to practise your timestables, use YouTube to listen to some funky songs about the timestables or use different objects to help you to count in 2's, 10's or 5's. You could ask an adult or your brother or sister to test you! How many did you get correct?



English - Drama

Can you 'act' out a scene (part of) the story of The Snail and the Whale? You could act out part of the story or even the whole story! You could be the star of the show or you could make your own puppets to retell the story!You could even write the story out yourself! If you are struggling to remember the story then you can watch it on BBC iPlayer


Thursday  9th  July 

Oh Year 1 what has happened to the weather this week! Here are today's tasks...have fun Year 1!

Maths - Measure and compare capacity

For today's maths you will need water, 1 large container (such as a large bowl, a bucket) and 1 small container (such as a cup/glass).

How many cups (small container) do you think it will take to fill the large bowl (large container)? Can you guess? Shall we see if you were correct? So that your maths test is fair you need to make sure that each small container is FULL of water each and everytime you pour the water into the large container. Try this again using different containers! Have fun!

English - To use the prefix 'un'

Some words mean something different when you add 'un' to the start of a word. Here are some examples to show you...

happy     and      unhappy

kind         and      unkind

Adding 'un' to a 'root' word changes what the word means, making it the opposite. Can you think of any other words that you can add 'un' to with an adult? Can you use any of these words in a sentence? Watch these videos below...



Wednesday  8th  July 

Hello Year 1! I hope you are well and having a super week! What sorts of things have you been doing at home? I (Miss Kam) have been painting, Mrs Stephens has been playing the game golf, Mrs Boardman has been baking cakes and Mr Shenton has been reading some books. Don't forget to read at home :) It is so very important. We all miss you so very much and honestly think about you all everyday! Here are today's tasks. Have fun! Love Miss Kam xXx

Maths - capacity and volume

Today you will need 3 glasses/plastic cups that are all the same and some water. Can you show an adult 1 cup that is FULL of water, 1 cup that is HALF FULL of water and 1 EMPTY cup?

THEN can you show an adult a cup of water that is ALMOST FULL and ALMOST EMPTY?


English - Speech Marks (inverted commas)

We have been learning all about speech marks (inverted commas) this week. Today we would like you to have a go at writing a few sentences using speech marks. You could try and retell the story of The Snail and the Whale with speech OR you could write some sentences using speech for your very own story! Here is Miss Kam's example...

"Oh how I long to sail!" sighed the snail. "Come on my tail!" said the ginormous whale. "Lets go on an adventure together!" The whale and the snail swam away into the blue ocean.

Look at this video for help and rules using inverted commas...


Tuesday  7th  July 

Good morning Year 1 children and families 

Yesterday the weather was really cold , we were all wearing our coats outside, as if it was winter time! .

Have fun with todays activities!



Comparing heavy and light objects 

Today we are comparing the weight  of different objects  

Can you name all these 9 objects?


Which object do you think is the heaviest ?

Which objects do you think are heavier than a brick?

Which objects do you think are lighter than a computer?

Which object do you think is the lightest ?

Can you draw the 9 objects , ordering them from heaviest to lightest?

Collect some objects from around your home or garden ...

place them in a line, starting with the heaviest and ending with the lightest.


English / Art and Design

Today we are learning about

inverted commas ( speech marks) 

"          "

They are used at the beginning of someone's

speech and at the end. 

Here's a lovely video about how to use inverted commas or speech marks by Mr Thorne on You Tube 


Miss Kam has found this lovely extract ( part of the story ) from the "Snail and the Whale " book

You can see inverted commas or speech marks at the beginning and end of the words said by the snail and the whale.

Can you answer the questions ? 

Remember an adjective is a word which describes something. 

If you don't have a dictionary , ask an adult the meaning of the word land. 


Draw a scene from "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" story.

1. Can you draw a speech bubble by each character's mouth and write something they would be saying?

2. Remember to use inverted commas or speech marks at the beginning and end of the words.

Here is Daddy Bear with a speech bubble , can you see the speech marks or inverted commas? 

3. Perhaps you could think of another story...

draw some of the characters from the book, then design some speech bubbles for them.


Lots of love from 

Mrs Stephens and all the Year 1 staff team. 


Monday 6th July 

Bonjour mes enfants ! 

How are you all? Did you enjoy the weekend?

Today we are going to be scientists and mathematicians! 



Can you find some objects around your home and describe the materials they are made from? 

Here are some of the objects we use in our house

Can you name all the objects? 

Which objects are hard ?

Which objects are soft?

Which objects are transparent ? ( see through ) 

Which objects are opaque ? ( not see through) 

Which objects are rough to touch? 

Which objects are smooth to touch?

Watch this video about different materials


Can you find some objects made from

1. wood

2.  glass

3. metal

4. plastic

5. paper

Which materials are waterproof? 

Which material should we use for an umbrella, a coat , curtains, a book or a house? 

Why should we choose those materials?

Draw some of the objects in your house, label them with the name of the object and what it is made from.




lighter than ... , heavier than  ....  or the same weight  (  balanced )

Pick up an object in one hand and an object in your other hand.

Which object is   heavier ?

Which object is the   lightest   one ?

How do you know? Is the heaviest object always the biggest object?

Have you used these balance scales in school?

There are some wooden threading beads in both the pans.

Which pan has more beads inside it?

.... the pan on the left must have more beads because the pan is lower , nearer the table top.

The beads in that pan are 


The beads in the right hand pan are higher on the balance scales , so they must be lighter.

Here are two children having fun on a see saw

Which child is the heaviest child? 

Which child is the lightest child? 

If we put more beads in the right hand side of our balance scales, 

they weigh the same ,

they are equal weight

,they are level 

they are balanced.

Can you see the arrow at the top of the yellow frame on the balance scales?

It is pointing to the middle of the scales.

Do you have any kitchen scales or bathroom  scales in your house? 

Can you weigh some objects on your scales?

Can you weigh yourself on some bathroom scales?

Which animals are heavy ?

Which animals are light?


Have fun with your Home Tasks!

Lots of love from 

Mrs Stephens and all the Year 1 staff.



Friday 3rd July

Ola Year 1! I hope you have had a wonderful week! We really are missing you so very much at school and we are still thinking about you all each and every single day. What have you been busy doing at home? The Year 2 teachers are looking forward to meeting you all properly in September as I have been telling them how wonderful you all are! You could have a go at this fun and exciting idea below (designing your own school uniform!). Have a lovely weekend. All of our virtual hugs, Miss Kam and the Year 1 team xxxx

D&T - Design your own school uniform

Click this link for some ideas...



Today we are learning how to use a dictionary! Do you have one at home? Have you used a dictionary before? What is a dictionary? Watch these videos to find out what a dictionary is and how to use one...



Can you find these words in your dictionary with help from an adult?

  • boat
  • cliff
  • volcano
  • whale
  • ocean
  • island
  • fierce

If you do not have a dictionary then ask a relative in your bubble if they have one you could borrow!


Don't forget to login to timestables rockstars to practise your timestables! Once you feel confident with your 2x and 10 x tables then move onto your 5x tables! Try and answer them when they are all mixed up too! Your login will be found at the front of your reading diary. Have fun and ask an adult to test you!



Thursday 2nd July


Today we would like you to write a descriptive poem all about the seaside. We would like you to write your poem in the order of...

  •  adjective (describing word)
  •  noun (person, place, thing)
  •  verb (doing word)

Here is Miss Kam's example...

sparkly ocean lapping

colourful shell sunbathing

ginormous seagull flying

Why not try and add an adverb at the end of a sentence too! Adverb - tells you how something is doing it (e.g. carefully, slowly, quickly).


Have a go at today's mixed arithmetic! If you find it too tricky then make the numbers smaller. If you find it too easy then make the numbers larger. Have fun!

Wednesday 1st July

Guten Morgan Year 1! Ca va? How are you today? We hope you are having a super fun week! Today is whispering Wednesday! How quiet can you say whispering Wednesday? How LOUD can you shout whispering Wednesday?


Today we would like you to write a seaside setting description. To begin with, why not listen to the sounds of the sea and look at some images so that you can imagine what it is like to be at the beach...


Miss Kam wishes she could be on this beautiful beach!

What do you think you would see at the seaside? Shells? Sea? Sand? How would you describe these things (nouns)? What adjectives can you use (describing words)? What are they doing (verbs)? Here is one of Miss Kam's sentence...

'The yellow sand is blowing in the wind and the glittery sea is shimmering in the sunshine.'

Can you write 3 to 8 sentences like Miss Kam's about different things you would see at the seaside? Remember your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Use adjectives (describing words) and verbs (doing words) in your sentences.


Measuring using a ruler

Do you know how to measure an object using a ruler? Lets learn and practise! What do the numbers mean on a ruler? Find some objects to measure! It is tricky so take your time. 

30 Days Wild - Wildlife Trust

We love nature! Every June, Year 1 take part in the Wildlife Trust's 30 Days Wild Challenge. Each day of the month of June, we choose 1 'Random Act of Wildness' to do each day! This can be anything from making daisy chains, to drawing flowers and cloud spotting! Click on the link below to download the Random Acts of Wildness and other fun ideas and activities. Have a wild time!


Tuesday  30th  June 

Good morning Year One Children and Families ,

We are all feeling sad because we cannot go on our planned visit to the seaside.

Today we are watching some videos showing children and families enjoying the beach.

Imagine you are there and enjoy the sights and the sounds!


Watch some of the lovely videos on this link


Can you write a list of some of the things you saw on the videos ?

When you use the names of things, these words are called 


... n for noun, n for name

For example, here are some nouns ( naming words) sea, sand , beach huts, buckets and spades.

Then can you describe each noun using an 


... a word describing the noun.

For example

1. The blue  ( adjective ) sea  ( noun)  was gently lapping onto the rocks. 

2. The children were making sand castles with the smooth ( adjective) sand ( noun).


Ask if any of your family members can tell you if they went to the seaside when they were chidren. 

If they did, can they tell you about the things they remember about their day trips or holidays? 

Do they have any photographs for you to look at ?

Here is a picture of some members of my family at the seaside, a long time before I was born

A long time ago, all the photographs had no colour, just black and white.

My Grandad wore a shirt and a tie for a day on the beach!

Here is a photograph of me ( on the right ) when I was a little girl , with my cousin Janet. 

I remember we were in Prestatyn , North Wales and the donkey I was riding was named "Snowy". 

I also remember going on a paddle boat together and my hands were very sore afterwards. 

Happy days!



Today in school we  are measuring using non standard measures , such as buiding blocks or Lego bricks. 

Can you find something to measure objects in your home? It has to be the same length. 

I have measured a pencil using clothes pegs.

My pencil measures 2 pegs long.

I measured a longer object next, our rainbow duster !

How many pegs long is the  rainbow duster? 

Next  we are  using  standard measures called

centimetres   ( cm for short )

Can you find anything in the house to measure some objects or toys, using centimetres? 

Here is a picture of the measuring tools I found in our house,

I found a 30 cm ruler and a 15 cm ruler. I also found a plastic tape measure and a metal tape measure.

The metal tape measures can be dangerous because they are very sharp. 

I used a ruler to measure the heights of two really cute teddies! 

The tall teddy is  30 centimetres ( cm )  tall.

The shorter teddy is 15 centimetres ( cm )  tall.

Can you measure some of your toys ?

Draw your toys and write down how many centimetres they measure.  

Do you remember playing this measuring game ? 

You have to measure the worms,  to find out  how  many centimetres long they are. 

Ask  an adult to measure you , how many cm tall are you?

Are you taller than a metre?

A metre is 100 centimetres

Draw some things in your house , your garden or the park which are taller than a metre.

Draw some things which are shorter than a metre.


 Lots of love from 

Mrs Stephens xxx


Monday   29th   June

Good morning Year One children and families, 

Did you see lots of rain falling  over the weekend? 

The weather is changing so much since the heatwave last week.

Enjoy your daily tasks.


Geography  / English  / Art and Design 

In school today we are going to create an arial view map of our classroom,  if it is raining.

If the weather is fine, we are going outside and making an arial view of the playground. 

 An arial  view map means what  the  classroom  or playground would look like from above, as if you were a bird flying above the space and you were looking down at it. 

Here are some photographs of our Year One classrooms now.

Can you see how different they look?

The children have one table each , so they can socially distance.

Can you see some art and craft activities and some construction games? Instead of four or five children, only two children can play together, so there is lots of space around them. 

Can you use Google maps to find Heron Cross School?

Draw an arial view map of your bedroom or another room in your house

If the weather is good, you may prefer to use the local park or your garden,  if you have one.

Here are some arial maps of chidren's bedrooms. 


Can you see the designers have made straight lines to draw the bed, the toy boxes and the drawers?

Try to use a ruler when you draw straight lines on your arial map.

Can you remember where the four main compass points are on a map? 

North  ( at the top of the map) 

South  ( at the bottom of the map) 

East ( on the right of the map )

West ( on the left of the map) 

Point to the four compass points  on the Google map. 



Can you draw a picture of all your family, with the tallest person on the left and draw your relatives in height order, so the shortest person is on the right?

Here are my set of 5 Russian dolls, with the tallest one on the left and the shortest one on the right.

1. Point to the tallest doll

2. Point to the shortest doll.

3. Point to the middle sized doll.

4. Point to the dolls which are shorter than the middle sized one.

5. Point to the dolls which are taller than the middle sized one.

Can you order your crayons , so the longest one is first and the shortest one is last?

When you go for a walk , have a look at the houses and other buildings. 

Which house is the tallest or shortest? 

Look at the vehicles you see and talk about the longest or shortest cars or trucks and the tallest vehicles , for example   double decker buses.


Tell the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears to someone in your family. There are many maths words in the story, such as the tall Daddy Bear and the short Baby Bear. The spoons the three bears used to eat their porridge  were a long spoon, a short spoon and a middle sized spoon. 

Can you draw the Three Bears' beds and their chairs? 


Lots of love from 

Mrs Stephens and all the Year One staff    xxxxxx


Friday 26th June

It is funky Friday Year 1! What super dance move are you going to do today? Miss Kam is going to spin like a ballerina! 

Maths - practise using a 100 square


This is a great resource that can be used to practise timetables and to work out the answers to addition and subtraction number sentences. Make sure it is set to 1-100 only.

Practise your 2 x table and your 10 x table using the 100 square. Next...

Can you answer these questions using the 100 square to help you? 

1) 14 + 6

2) 12 + 7

3) 9 + 8

4) 20 - 4

5) 15 - 6

6) 18 - 10

If you are finding these tricky then make the numbers smaller. If you are finding them too easy then make the numbers bigger.

Watch this video to find out how to use a 100 square.


Literacy - Questions

Listen to Miss Kam read our story 'The Snail and the Whale'. What questions would you like to ask the whale? What questions would you like to ask the snail? What question words can you think of (how, when, where etc.)? Today we would like you to write 4-8 questions for the snail and/or the whale remembering capital letters, finger spaces and a question mark at the end of each question. Try and use different question words each time (how, why, who etc). Here is one of Miss Kam's questions:

Why do you want to see the world?

What does the sea feel like?


Art and Craft

Take a look at this website for fun 'Snail and the Whale' activities!



30 Days Wild

Have you spotted any interesting clouds? Have you made a daisy chain yet? What birds have you heard or seen outside? Keep your eyes peeled for any local wildlife!

We hope you have a super weekend with fun in the sun! Take care and stay safe. All our virtual hugs, the Year 1 team xXx

Thursday 25th June

Wow, what beautiful weather we have today! Today may be the hottest day of the year so far so make sure you stay safe in the sun :) and have lots of fun! How do you stay safe in the sun?

Literacy - Comprehension

You may wish to watch this animation about a caring whale...


Can you answer these questions about the animation? Write your answers in sentences remembering capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

1) How would you describe the turtle in the sea? Use some adjectives to describe the turtle (describing words).

2) What gets caught on the whale's tail?

3) What does the whale do to help his friends in the sea?

4) What was on the crab's back?

5) What did the sea animals do to help the whale? 

6) How did the child help to stop rubbish going into the sea?



Why not sing-a-long to this catchy song about the sea...

Can you make up a dance to this song?



Maths - Money

Did you know that there are 4 different types of notes that you can buy things with in England! We would like you to look at them closely (£5, £10, £20, £50). Look at the colours, size and shape, patterns and pictures on each of the notes.

How many £1 coins are equal to a £5 note?

How many £1 coins are equal to a £10 note?

Look at this video below:



Wednesday 24th June

Hello our wonderful Year 1 family! It is Miss Kam here! I have been thinking about you all so very much, each and everyday! It is so lovely to see some of your faces return to school. I am missing you all so very much. We all are! I have been busy teaching children that have returned to school and I have been very busy doing lots of artwork too. Mrs Boardman has been busy putting our Alice In Wonderland artwork up in the KS1 hall with help from Mr Shenton. It looks fantastic! Mrs Stephens has been teaching her pupils some sign language and Mrs Hancock send her hugs! I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather and are keeping safe and well! How are your sunflowers doing? Mine is pretty big now! I have started to grow some tomatoes. I look forward to seeing you all very soon :) all of our virtual hugs, Miss Kam and the Year 1 team xXx

Please see below for some super tasks that you may wish to do at home today:

Reading and Phonics

Read your favourite book outside in this beautiful sunshine. You could even read a book in a strange and different place in your house like your wardrobe or under a table! It is so very important to read lots and lots as this will help you with your writing and phonics too! If you would like to listen to a story then why not listen to this beautiful poem all about our wonderful world and how important it is that we look after it. 


Geography - Our Environment

Earlier this week it was World Environment Day. It is so important that we look after our world for ourselves and all the other people in the world, for all the animals in the world and for all of the people that will live on Earth in years to come. Can you find some plastic objects in your house? Did you know that there are 46 000 pieces of plastic for every square mile of the ocean. That is A LOT of plastic! This plastic can make sealife poorly (such as seals). Look at the videos below all about plastic pollution:



Can you make a poster telling (encouraging) people to recycle their plastic rubbish and take their rubbish home with them when they visit the seaside?


What is an exclamation mark? You use an exclamation mark at the end of a sentence instead of a full stop when someone is really excited, surprised, angry or being bossy! Can you write some bossy sentences telling these beach visitors to tidy up after themselves? Use an exclamation mark at the end of your sentence. Here is Miss Kam's example:

Tidy up your rubbish!


Today we would like you to look at the size, shape and value of different coins. One way you can do this is by using a crayon and some paper to make some coin rubbings!

How many 1p coins equal a 2p coin? 

How many 1p coins equal a 5p coin? a 10p coin? a 20p coin?

It is fun learning about coins and finding ways to recognise them from each other! Can you put the coins in order from the smallest value to the biggest?




Tuesday  23rd  June 

Happy Tuesday Year One Children and Famiies

At  last the rain seems to have  stopped and the blue skies and sunshine have returned! 

Enjoy the summer weather and have fun with your  Tuesday Home Tasks!



We're going on a Letter Hunt 

Can you have a look around your home and make a list of all the letters and words you can find?

For example you may find letters and words written on a calendar, in a recipe book  or  in a newspaper.

Can you read any of the words you found? 

Perhaps you could go for a walk with your family and write down any letters or words you see?

You might see letters on car registration numbers, road signs, street names or shop signs. 

Many of the letters you will see in the environment will be capital letters. 



Carry out a traffic survey 

Watch the traffic going along your road from your window or stand in a safe place with an adult, watching the traffic .

For 10 minutes record how many cars you see , how many trucks or lorries, how many buses. 

You may see some motor bikes or bicycles and some pedestrians ( people walking  ) . 

Record them using a tally method like this

Then you can record the total for each category,  by counting in 5s.

Which category did you see the most of?

Which category did you see the least of ? 


Art and Design  and  Music

Today have a look at two pictures by David Goldsworthy

This is a beautiful beach scene, in black and white.

 This picture is in colour and features some magnificent mountains. 

Which picture do you prefer and why? 

Talk about the things you can see on each picture. 

Can you draw a picture of a beach scene or a mountain scene? 

Listen to this amazing string orchestra, called  Camerato Nordica. 

Draw, colour or paint while you listen to the music.

Can you see the double bass instruments ( they are taller than many adults! ) 


Can you see some cellos? The musicians play them sitting down . 

Do you like the music? 

How do you feel when you listen to the music and watch the musicians? 


Lots of love from 

Mrs Stephens xxxxxx


Monday   22nd  June 

Good morning Year One children and families!

Did you have a good weekend?

Mrs Hancock text to ask how you are and she sends her love to you .

She is missing you very much . 

We are welcoming three more Year 1 children back into school today!

We had 2 art days last week, so your activities today are based around art too!

Enjoy !


Maths .... We're  going on  a number hunt!

Can you list all the  numbers you can find around the house ? 

You will see numbers on the cooker,  the front door, the remote control for your television, on clocks, watches  and calendars.

If you go out for a walk, take your notebook or a clip board and try to list numbers you see .

You will see numbers on lamposts, car registration plates, prices in the shops and road  signs .


English ... Let's make a name plaque!

I have made a name plaque for my room. 

I cut out some letters from the newspaper and pictures from a magazine. 

How many letter "s" can you see? The picture is supposed to be a smiley face!

Have fun making your name plaque by cutting out and sticking. 

If you prefer, you  could just design one using crayons or felt tip pens. 


Art / music ... 

Here are two beautiful pictures painted by the artist David Hackney 

Talk about the paintings...

What can you see on each picture?

What colours has the artist used?

What do you like about the pictures?

Which is your favourite picture? 

Can you draw a picture in the same style as David Hackney's?

Colour or paint your picture . 

While you are creating a picture, listen to another string instrument, the piano. 

This is a relaxing,  slow piece of music composed  by Chopin.


How do you feel when you hear this music and draw / paint and colour? 


Lots of love from 

Mrs Stephens  xxxxx


Friday  19th   June 

Funky Friday is here again!

Tomorrow it is Saturday , the start of the weekend.

We have two weekend days, Saturday and Sunday.

Enjoy your Daily Tasks.



A quicker way of adding numbers is to put them into groups or sets. This  is called the 

Times tables 

To  write  our times tables,  we use a times sign 


It is the same as  the letter X , like the television programme "X Factor."

Other words meaning times are multiply, sets of  and  groups of .

I have made my 2 Times Table by  drawing set rings and putting pasta shapes into groups or sets of 2.


 The last number sentence on the photo is 

10  x  2  =  20

Can you count the 10 sets of 2 on the picture? 

Can you count the 20 pieces of pasta in the 10 sets ?

10 sets of 2 equals 20.

Can you make  2 Times Table by putting objects into sets of 2?

You could use Lego bricks , toy cars, Smarties or sweets etc 

If you can , try making your 10 Times Table and 5 Times Table using objects.


Try to complete these number sentences, using your objects to help you to count ,

1.   3  x  2  =  _____

2.    7   x  2  =  ____

3.   9  x  2  =   ______

4.   8 -  3  =   _____  (  take away or subtract ) 

5.   12   -  7   =   _______

6.      7   -   6   =   ______

Can you carry on the pattern ?


1.         0  ,    1   ,     2  ,    3  ,    4 ,   5    ____           ____          ____         _____         _____    11.
2.       10  ,   9 ,    8 ,    7 ,   6 ,    ______     _______    _______     ________      _______      0.


Geography  /  English 

All your teachers are  so sad because we cannot go on our planned visit to the seaside.

Look at this photo of Dave and I at the seaside with our friend Kath.  Her husband Graham came on holiday with us too. 

Graham  is taking the photograph. 

On this beautiful photograph you can see some

physical features, 

which are natural.  They are the sea, the mountains , the rocks and the grass. 

You can also see some

human features ,

which are made or manufactured . They are the wall , the tiled floor and the seat . 

Can you see some people fishing on the beach? 

Have a look at some other glorious seaside pictures on this web site link



1. Can you make a list of all the physical features you can see on the photographs? They are the natural features, such as rock pools and sand.

2. Can you make a list of al the human features you can see on the photographs? They are the manufactured features,  such as the beach  huts and the bridges.

3. Can you design your ideal seaside , showing some physical features such as the sea, rocks, sand and trees. On your design include some human features such as  a beach shop ( to buy beach balls ,  buckets and spades ,)  a cafe and a pier with some  arcade games.


Have a good weekend ! 

The weather forecast looks better for Saturday , cloudy with sunny spells. 

On Sunday the weather forecast is for rain.

Let's see if the forecast is correct!


Lots of love from Mrs Stephens  and all the Year One Staff  xxxxxxxxxxx



Thursday  18th   June 

Happy Thursday Year One Children!

The children who are in school said the sound of the thunder and lightening has been waking them up in the night.

I hope the storms are calming now.

Have fun learning!


Today we are practising measuring and drawing  lines using a ruler.

You did this with Miss Kam on the Home Tasks a few months ago.

If you have a ruler, measure from the zero ( not the start of the ruler).

Count the centimetres ( cm ) up to 20 cm .

Can you draw some lines the same length as mine?

 Remember to hold the ruler firmly to stop it sliding when you draw your line.

if you stretch your fingers out and press really hard, you will draw a straight line because the ruler will stay still. 

I have drawn  a clock and I have used a ruler to draw the minute or big   hand.

I drew the hour or little hand by measuring a shorter line.


What length ( how many centimetres ) is my minute  hand? ( big hand) 

What length is my hour hand? ( little hand) 

What time have I drawn on my clock ?

Can you draw a clock ?


English  /   Art and Design

Read this page from Dr Suess' book "Fox In Socks." 

Sue and Joe Crow are sewing, like we were on Monday! 

What a funny picture ! 

Can you write a sentence to answer these questions?

Remember to use a CAPITAL LETTER to start the sentence and also to end your sentence with  a FULL STOP  .

1.    Who is sewing Joe Crow's clothes?

2. Who is sewing Sue's clothes? 

3.  What colour is Sue's dress?

4. Describe the  shape and colour of   Joe Crow's hat.  The describing words you choose are called 



Can you draw a picture of Sue and Joe Crow ? 

Perhaps you could design different outfits for them to wear.


Lots of love from 

Mrs Stephens xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Wednesday  17th  June 

Hello Year One children and families ,

We are having some strange weather at the moment! The plants , trees and flowers must be very pleased we have had so much rain. Have you noticed how the clouds change their  shapes and colours a lot,  while the weather is so unsettled? 

Have fun with your Daily Tasks! 



We are telling the time again today . 

Yesterday we were learning about the o'clock times, when the big hand or minute hand is always pointing up to the 12.

Today we are learning about 

Half  past  times 

When the big hand or the minute hand is pointing down to the number 6, it has gone half way around the clock face. 

Have a look at this time poster, the largest clock has the time 

Half past 9 

because the big minute hand is pointing to the 6 and the little hour hand is just after the 9 and moving towards the 10 .

Have a look at the poster and talk about what time you get up , what time you have breakfast and what time you go to bed.



Our English tasks are also linked to time because  we are talking about the words yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Here's a video for you to watch 


 1.     today 

this is called the present tense because it is about the now, this day .

Write a sentence starting like this 

Today I ......

My sentence is 

Today I went to a beautiful park which had some colourful flowers and enormous trees. 

2.    tomorrow 

this called the future tense because the day has not yet happened . 

Write a sentence starting like this,

Tomorrow I will ......

My sentence is 

Tomorrow my brother Bill is coming to our house for his tea. 

3.  Yesterday 

this is called the past tense because the day has already gone.

write a sentence starting like thhis

Yesterday  I  ...

My sentence is 

Yesterday I saw a really heavy rainstorm with some loud thunder and dramatic bright  lightening. 


Remember to start your sentence with a CAPITAL LETTER  and to end your sentence with a FULL STOP .



Here is a picture of my guitar 

Can you count how many strings there are by counting the tuning pegs at the top of the picture?

My guitar has six strings. Some guitars have twelve strings and bass guitars only have four strings. 

We have been listening to some music played on another string instrument called a harp.

Listen to this harp music and then talk about how you felt when you heard it.


All the children who are now at school are missing the children who cannot be with us at the moment.
Stay safe everyone
Lots of love from 
Mrs Stephens  xxxxx

Tuesday 16th June 

Good morning our Year One stars! 

How are you all today?

We are so pleased Miss Kam is better and has returned to school.

Enjoy your Daily Tasks.



Today we are learning to tell the time.

Have a look around the house for a clock or a watch with numbers and hands like this ,

These clocks are called analogue clocks .

The clocks with just numbers are called digital clocks.

The  big hand pointing to the 12  tells us the minute.

When the big hand is pointing to the 12 we say o'clock.

The small hand pointing to the 9 tells us the hour.

The time on this clock is 9 o'clock.

I have made a clock using a paper plate and a split pin

What colour is the big hand or minute hand?

What colour is the small hand or hour hand?

What time is it on my clock? 

It is 4 o'clock.

Can you make a clock or draw some clocks? 


English / Art and Design 

Can you say, read and write the  12 months of the year ?













Watch this video and sing the song 


Can you find a calendar

or ask an adult if they have a diary you could look at? 

They might have one on their mobile 'phone.

A calendar is so useful to write down or text special events such as birthdays or holidays. 

You can count how many days or sleeps you have to wait .

My calendar is looking very untidy because I have had to cross out a lot of special events because of the Covid  19 virus.

Our calendar has a picture of a different animal each month.

What animal is on our calendar for the month of June?

I have bought some birthday cards to send to children in my family 

Can you see another giraffe? 

What else can you see on the birthday cards? Which card is your favourite one? 

Can you see a card for a child who is soon going to be 3 years old?

When is your birthday ? 

What season is your birthday month ? 

Summer, spring, autumn or winter? 

Make a list of all your family members and their birthdays.

Can you make a birthday card for the next person in your family to celebrate their birthday? 


Take great care everyone and stay safe.

Lots of love from 

Mrs Stephens xxxxxxx

Monday 15th June 

Good morning Year One children and families ,

I hope you had a good weekend ? I have been to Bridgemere Garden Centre and I bought some beautiful plants for our garden.

Yesterday  I enjoyed  a game of golf  with my husband Dave.  

We have been  sad because Miss Kam has been poorly. We are hoping she is feeling better and that we will  see her back in school today .

All the children and staff are so excited because some more children are coming back into school today! 

These are the lessons we are planning to cover this week, 

Enjoy ! 



Today we are using our 100 squares to help us to count on ( forwards ) to add and to count backwards to subtract or take away.

 Can you print or make a 100 square? Or do you still have one from last time?

Add +

1. Place a counter or button or just touch number 8 on your 100 square.

Count forwards  4 to add , taking care to move down to the correct row after number 10 to number 11.

Did you land on square number 12?

Say and write your adding number sentence like this , 

8  +  4  =  12 

Remember the equals sign means "the same" .

You are making both sides of your number sentence balance. 

=     is the equals sign 

2. Subtract  or take away 


  Now place your counter on number 14 on your 100 square. 

Count backwards 8 to subtract, taking care to move up to the correct row after number 11 to number 10.

Did you land on number 6? 

Say and write your subtraction ( take away ) number sentence 

14  -  8  =  6 


Now try some others such as 5 count forwards 7 , 11 count forwards 3 , 

19 count backwards 5, 13 count backwards 9 .


English ( following instructions ) 

/Design Technology/ History 


Today   we are learning how to sew  a button onto a square of fabric. 

If you have some buttons, cotton , a needle and a piece of fabric, ask an adult to help you to sew .

I have used an old face cloth or flannel to practise my sewing. 

If you were sewing a button onto a coat or cardigan you would use the same colour cotton. 

I have used black cotton on the white face cloth, so you can see my sewing clearly.

You have to be REALLY CAREFUL  when you use a needle and you will probably need an adult to thread the needle for you .

Can you see the pointed end of the needle?

It is very sharp and it   really    hurts     if you prick your finger with it! 

Can you see the tiny hole at the other end of the needle, called the eye of the needle?

Threading cotton through the eye of the needle is very hard and takes a lot of practise! 

I chose one of my cotton reels, cut the thread and carefully threaded my needle.

I  chose one of my buttons to sew. 

How many buttons can you see on the photo above?

Look at some buttons on your clothes or in your button box.

Talk about your favourite button and count how many button holes they have.

Some buttons hae just two button holes, some have three and some have four holes.

Make sure an adult is helping you to sew.

Take your time and be really careful .


Many years ago people had to sew to make their clothes , before the clothing industry made clothes for us to buy.

Have a look at this website. Can you see some photographs of very young children working in the first factories to make clothes? 

The children must have been very sad and very tired working in noisy , dirty places . 



Can you draw some buttons ?

Draw some with two button holes like my button above, some with three button holes and some with four button holes.  


Lots of love from 

Mrs Stephens   xxxxxxxxxxx


Friday 12th June 

Happy Funky Friday Year One Children and Families 

The children in school and all the staff are missing the children who can't be in school.

Here are the activities we have planned for today.

Enjoy ! 


Practise the  2 Times Table and  10 times table.

Make the tables by lining up objects or toys in groups of 2 and groups of 10.

Remember multiplication is just a quick way of adding !


Try Miss Kam's Maths quiz ! 

Good luck !

Don't forget to use objects or toys to touch and count ,

to help you with your number work !



Miss Kam is now challenging you to use your spelling, punctuation and grammar knowledge.

Ask an adult to help you with these questions.


1. Write a sentence about this picture on the cover of "The Snail and the Whale" .

Remember to start your sentence with a


 Remember to end your sentance with a 

         Full stop           


2. Which words in this sentence should have a CAPITAL LETTER?

i   saved   the    whale   on   thursday.


3. Write this sentence and then draw a circle around  the 


              ( describing words ) 

The tiny snail was excited to see the world with the giant blue whale. 

4.  Finish each of these sentences with a 

              Full stop    .   

or          a     question   mark         ?

5. Can you add the word and to fix this sentence?

In the blue sea I saw a fish a shark.



This weekend the weather is predicted to be cold and wet! 

It is summer time so it should be warm and sunny .

There are three other seasons,

 Autumn,   spring  and  winter.     

Watch this video and observe some of the reasons we have different seasons and weather, 
If you have some safety scissors, can you cut out some pictures showing the different clothes we would wear for each season?
If you have a computer and a printer, print some pictures of people wearing different outfits for different weather.
Or if you have an old magazine or a catalogue , they are fun to cut out and glue them onto paper to make a seasons collage. 
I hope you have a good weekend, even if the weather is cold and raining !
Put your wellies , gloves and scarf on ! We would usually wear those clothes in the winter time.
Lots of love from
Mrs Stephens xxxxxxx

Thursday 11th June

Hello children 

Today we are going to be using 10 frames to help us with our number work.

I have made 4 different 10 frames


You can make some 10 frames like the ones we have in school

Can you see what I have used? 

1. A 10 frame made from a cleaning cloth 

2. A 10 frame made from an egg box 

3. A 10 frame made form a cardboard cake base

4. A 10 frame made from a piece of card 

Yesterday I used shells to help me with my adding and take away 

Today I have used cotton reels. 

I have 12 cotton reels 

 12 has 1 ten and 2 ones ( or units )

How many cotton reels are there on this photo? 

Complete this sentence for the picture above

14 has _____ ten   and   ______   ones (or units.)

Now can you show some other numbers on your 10 frames?


1. Can you segment the letter sounds and write a list of words which rhyme with  p-i-n ?

For example  win, fin  and kin.

This is called a rhyming string.

2. Can you segment the letter sounds and write a list of words which rhyme with  l-igh-t  ?

For example night, sight and might .

3. Write a sentence containing a word ending with    ing 

For example 

I was walking to the park with my sister.

Draw a picture to illustrate your sentence.


Have a look at the Explorify website 


There are lots of ideas  to try .You could try watching the birds in your garden or in the park.

Try to find out the names of the different birds you have seen. 

How many birds did you see? 

Which one is your favourite one?  


Have lots of fun learning ! 

With lots of love from 

Mrs Stephens xxxx

Wednesday 10th June 

Good morning Year One Chidren and Families 

How are you all today?

Miss Kam is very busy writing lovely things about you,  to send to your families.

I hope you enjoy the challenges today ! 



Today we are going to 

add +        and    subtract - 

using the Part-whole model 

 Can you find some objects to count ?

I have used some shells. You could use toy cars , dolls , teddies , marbles,  cones  etc. 

Draw the Part-whole model grid like this

Place thirteen objects in your circles by partitioning them into one set of ten and 3 units, like this,

If you have some drinking straws and rubber bands, count 10 of them and wrap a rubber band around them , to make a bundle of 10.

Then add 3 more straws to total 13 

13      is      one set of 10 and 3 ones (or units )...

Can you complete  these statements ?

The pictures below show the place value ten stick and units or ones in the part-whole model 

Now take away 1 of your objects 

The number sentence is 

13  -  1  =  12 

Can you make a Part whole model of the number 12 ?

12 is 1 ten and 2 ones ( or units ) 

Now add 3 to 12 of your objects 

The number sentence is 

12  +  3  =  15 

Can you make a Part whole model of the number 15?

15 is 1 ten and 5 ones ( or units ).



Click on this You Tube link,  to enjoy a video of the story 

"Jasper's Beanstalk" 


Jasper had to wait a long time for the beanstalk seed to grow! 

Write these sentences and fill in the missing words.

Remember to use a capital letter ( A , B  , C , D   etc ) to start your sentence and the name of the day.  

Remember to end your sentence with a full stop .

1.  On Monday Jasper found a  ____________________   .

2. On Tuesday he   ________________________________ . 

3. On Wednesday he   ______________________________  .

4. On Thursday he _________________________________  . 

5. On Friday he ____________________________________  .

6. On Saturday he  ______________________________________  . 

7. On Sunday Jasper  _______________________________ .

Can you draw a picture of Jasper working in his garden?


Take great care everyone ! 

Lots of love from 

Mrs Stephens xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday 9th June

Bonjour Year One children and families ,

How are you all today ?

Have you done some exercises to help you to learn? 

Here are some tasks for you to try.



Here is a 100 square to help you with your number work 

1.   Can you see some number patterns ?
2.   Look at all the numbers ending in 2 , they are all underneath eachother in a column.
3.   Look at the numbers ending in 5 
4.  Look at the numbers ending in  0    ( our friend Zero ) 
5.   Ask an adult to print a 100 square for you from the computer or to draw one.
Place a counter ( or button etc  )  on number 4 .
Count on 2 . 
Is your counter on number 6?

4  +  2  =  6 

Now place your counter on number 10 
Count back 7 
Is your counter on number 3?

10  - 7   =  3

On your 100 square ,

1. Draw a red circle around the numbers ending in 2 

2. Draw  a  blue circle around the numbers ending in 5 

3. Draw a green circle around all the numbers ending in 0 ( zero ) .


English / Music

Practise writing letters using this alphabet mat to help you 

The lower case letters have a lead in line to start and a flick to end.

Can you write the letters of the alphabet using lower case letters ? 

( a, b, c etc ) 


Can you write the letters of the alphabet using capital letters ?

( A, B, C  etc ) 


Read these days of the week 








The days of the week are names,  which all  begin with  a capital letter.

1.  Ask an adult to help you to read the names of the days of the week on a calendar or a diary.

2.  Talk about which day comes after Tuesday, which day comes before Friday etc.

3.  Click on this link to listen to  a song about the days of the week 


Do you know any more songs about the days of the week? 

4.  Make a game 

Write the name of each day on a piece of card or paper. 

    Mix up all the cards and then put them into the correct order . 

   Talk about which days are the five week days and which two days are the weekend.


Take great care everyone and Keeeeeeep learning ! 

Lots of love from 

Mrs Stephens xxxxxx

Monday 8th June 

Hello Year One children and families,

I hope you have had a fun weekend?

All the Year One staff are missing the children who still cannot come into school.

Mrs Hancock telephoned to ask if you were all OK. 

She said she misses you all very much and sends her love and hugs ! 

Here are some activities for you to try at home, based on the main lessons we have planned for this week.

Enjoy !


Design and Technology 

Can you design a different cover for this beautiful book 


1. The name of the book ...

The title

( The Snail and The Whale ) 

2. The name of the person who wrote the book ...

The author

( Julia Donaldson) 

3. The name of the person who drew the pictures ...

The illustrator

( Axel Scheffler ) 

4. A picture with the main people or creatures in the book...

The characters

( Snail and Whale ) 

It would be lovely if you could send your book cover design to us on the Purple Mash blog.


This is the cover of another lovely book 

1. What is the title of this book?

2. Who is the author of the book? 

3.Who is the illustrator of the book?

4. How many characters can you see on the book cover? 



Use a number line to help you 

add      + 

You can draw a number line or use a ruler.

Touch the number 7 and count on 4 

7 + 4 = 11

= this  sign means equals  or  the same. 

Make up a story to go with this number sentence. 

For example, 

" I had 7 toy cars and my friend had 4 toy cars. Altogether we had 11 cars."

 You can also use a number line to help you with 

take away or subtract     -

Point to the number 9 and count back 5 

9 - 5 = 4

My story to go with this number sentence is,

" I had 9 grapes . I ate 5  of them and I had 4 left."

Can you use a number line to complete these number sentences?

1.        8  +  4   =   ___

2.        6  +  7   =   ___

3.        9  -  3    =   ___

4.        14  -  2  =   ___


Lots of love from

Mrs Stephens xxxxxxxxxx


Friday 5th June

It is Funky Friday! What dance will you do today? How can you make someone smile today? We miss you all very much Year 1. To all of the parents/carers/family members, thank you for your continued support always! The Year 1 Team xxXXx Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe :) 


Look at this piece of text from The Snail and the Whale. Read it with an adult then make a list of each of these things...have you found them all?

  • nouns (person/place/thing)
  • adjectives (describing words)
  • verbs (doing words)

How is the snail described?


Maths - Arithmetic

Have a look at these mixed questions below. Can you answer them with an adult? If you find them tricky try using smaller numbers, if you find them a little easy why not try some bigger numbers! You can use objects to help you when adding or counting.


Thursday 4th June

Have you been to the beach before like the snail in 'The Snail and the Whale'? What was it like?


Look at the pictures from The Snail and the Whale under yesterday's tasks. Look at the list of things that you wrote too!

Today we would like you to use this list to write some sentences about what you can see!

You need to remember your finger spaces, full stops and capital letters and we would like you to use some adjectives (describing words) in your sentences to describe what you can see. 

Extra challenge - Can you use 'and' to extend your sentences or even a verb (doing word) to describe what you can see?


Here is Miss Kam's sentence...

I can see a enormous blue whale swimming and cheeky seagulls flying.

(adjective - enormous, blue, cheeky)

(Verb - swimming, flying).



Counting one more and one less

We would like you to practise counting one more (by adding 1) to a number and one less (subtracting 1) to a number.

For example:

1 more than the number 8 is 9.

1 less than the number 8 is the number 7.


Can you find 1 more and 1 less to these numbers:

5     9     2     10     15      18     20      24    27     30


Ask an adult to test you! Use objects to count to help you or why not cut out some circles to help you!


Design and Technology / Outdoor Learning

Design and make your own bird house or bird feeder using a milk carton just like these...

Make sure an adult helps you when using scissors to cut sections out. https://www.guidepatterns.com/ways-to-build-a-bird-feeder-from-milk-jug.php


Wednesday 3rd June

Ola Year 1! We hope you have been having lots of fun at home in this lovely sunshine! Paddington has changed his red wellies to Summer flip flops! We miss you all! It has been so wonderful to see some of you at school this week. We are thinking of you all and hope that you and your families are staying safe xXx Here are some fun tasks for you to do today...


What is a list? Can you remember? Lists can help you to remember things like your shopping or what to pack when you go on holiday!

Look at these pictures from our Summer story topic 'The Snail and the Whale'. What can you see?

Write a list of nouns (person, place, thing) using the pictures below. Start your list with 'I can see'. 

Remember we write lists down the page. Use your phonics to sound out new words and spellings.



In Year 1 we are very lucky to have so many super Mathematicians! Something that we all need to practise is our understanding of 'tens and ones'.



Look at the number 10. This is how we write the number 10 in its correct place as 'tens and ones'.  

There is 1 ten and 0 ones.

Draw your own tens and ones table (just like the one above).

Can you write down these numbers and draw circles to match the numbers in your own tens and ones column? How many tens and ones are in each of these numbers...

6      9       0       11     13       18       20      24      4


Art and Outdoor Learning

Why not try and create your own 'nature mandala' - this is a type of lovely circle shaped pattern. What patterns can you make using nature in your garden or in your park? You can draw in soil or sand with a stick! Have a look at an artist called Andy Goldsworthy for some great ideas!



Tuesday 2nd June 

Good morning Year One children and Families.

How are you all today ?

Have you remembered to do your exercises with Joe Wicks and your Phonics , using the links above? 

Here are some tasks for you to try today  .


Maths/ PE

Yesterday we were writing numbers. Today , can you count down from 10 to 0 ?

Pretend to be a rocket about to launch up into space!

 Curl up in a tiny ball on the floor, slowly count down from ten to zero...

10 , 9,  8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 ...

Then shout "BLAST OFF!" and jump up , reaching as high as you can!

Can you count down from 20 to 0 ?

Ask someone to help you count down from 30 to 0 .



Can you write all the letters of the alphabet using lower case letters like the ones in our alphabet rainbow?

Start each letter on the line , with a lead in and end with a flick. 

Can you see the lead in lines and the flicks on the pink poster? 

Now can you write all the letters of the alphabet using  capital letters?

Here is an alphabet poster, you can see the capital letters are used at the beginning of each word,

Talk about the alphabet poster with an adult or one of your brothers or sisters. 

Which picture is your favourite one?

Write a list of all the things you can see on the poster.

I can see .....


Have lots of fun together !

We all miss you very much 

Lots of love from

Mrs Stephens xxxxxx


Monday 1st June 

Happy June everyone !

Today is a new month . There are 12 months in a year , can you say them all? 

All the Year One staff hope you have all been well and enjoying the wonderful sunshine ! 

We are looking forward to seing you in school today but here are the Daily Tasks for you, if you can't come in to school yet.

They are based on the lessons we are delivering in school today .

Enjoy !


English and Art 

Can you draw a picture of yourself and your family ? 

Underneath your picture, write about the activities you love to do with your family 

Or you could begin with 

I like ....


My family ...

Remember to start with a capital letter  , end the sentence with a full stop and to  put a finger space after each word.

Capital letters are A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 

A full stop is like a dot 

Full stop .



Can you write numbers 0, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10 each in an individual square ?

Leave a square blank in between each number 

If you don't have any paper with squares on, ask an adult to help you draw some rows 

of small squares using a ruler. 

Or just write the numbers on a piece of plain paper.

like this  

Can you write some of the numbers after 10  ? 

Can you write numbers to 20 or to 30?

Play the before and after number game 

Play in pairs  One of you say a number and the other has to say a number which comes next after that number .
Then play a harder game , one of you say a number and the other has to say which number comes before it. 

Have lots of fun!

All my love from

Mrs Stephens xxxxxx


Happy Half Term Everyone!

All the Year One Staff wish you a happy half term and we hope to see you soon.

During half term , there are some great ideas for activities on this website,


There are 70 things to do listed but some ideas may be ones to avoid though!

(For example , idea number  51 ...have a pillow fight !) 

Musical Instruments 

Did you make some musical instruments using Miss Kam's lovely ideas? 

Here's a picture of some percussion instruments. Can you see any you have played in school?

Can you read the names of any of the instruments?

Here's a game you can make which is like Snakes and Ladders but uses pictures of trees,

Meet a Tree Game 

Meet a branch and up you go!

Meet a root and down you shoot!

Did you notice a rhyming pair of words ?  Root and shoot rhyme .

You could make a similar game with your favourite toy .

For example dinosaurs ... land on their head and go up or land on their tail and go down .

Another idea is to draw some cars .... land on the roof and you go up, land on the wheel and you go down.

Teddies ( head , go up or foot go down etc) 


It would be lovely to hear from you all on the Purple Mash blog . 

Send us pictures or write a note to us. 

Take great care . We miss you very much .  

Mrs Stephens and all the Year One Team xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Friday 22nd May

It is Funky Friday Year 1! Lets dance! What is your favourite song to dance to?

It is the last day before half term. We hope you are having lots of fun at home with your family! Miss Kam has been enjoying spending time with her dog Walter and her partner, Mrs Stephens has been having a lovely time at home with her husband, Mrs Boardman has been in her garden and allotment with her children and Mr Shenton has been painting. We can't wait to hear what you have been up to and we can't wait to see your lovely faces again soon! Missing you all very much! See you soon xXx the Year 1 team

The Big Grow - Outdoor Learning

Take a look at the website below for lots of outdoor activities and ideas.



Maths Timetables

Don't forget to practise your timetables on TT Rockstars!


Practise your 5 timetables with Rap for Kids below...


Ask and adult to test you so you know which ones you need to practise learning.


Spellings and English

How did you get on learning how to sound out and spell our 'high frequency words' last week?

Practise sounding out and spelling these high frequency words below.

With help from an adult, can you use any of these words in a sentence? Don't forget to use your finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. Rehearse your sentence with an adult aloud. 

Here is one of Miss Kam's sentences:

My dog Walter would like to go on a walk with you.


Art and Outdoor Learning

What flowers and trees can you see in your garden or on your daily walk? Look at a plant or flower very carefully (observe) and then draw it. What can you imagine your flower or plant to be? A rocket? A dress for a bird to wear? Draw it!

Can you find out the names of the flowers or plants you have seen? Ask an adult to help. Adults, there is a super app called PlantNet for phones and iPads which will tell you the name of the flower or plant you are looking at!


Storytime - Wellbeing/PSHE

How are you feeling today? What makes you happy?

It is ok to feel all sorts of different feelings at this strange time. Watch this video to give you some ideas of how to cope with different feelings and what you can do to help others too...


This online picture book may help to calm those children that may be feeling a little worried at the moment...



Thursday 21st May

Bonjour Year 1! What can you do at home today to help at adult? Maybe you could tidy your room or tidy up your toys? Here are some great ideas of what you could do at home today...


English and Geography - 

How would you describe the weather today? It has been very sunny and warm this week. We are almost at the end of the season called Spring!

Can you write a list of clothes and things you will need to wear when the weather is hot in the Summer? I have started it for you.




After that, can you write down the order you would put your Summer clothes on using time connectives (First, then, next, after, after that, finally)?

First put your

Then put your



After that



Recap - Number Bonds to 20

A Number bond to 20 is 2 numbers that you can add together to make 20.

Look at the part whole models below. Can you write a number sentence for each part whole model below? Here is the first one for you...

1 + 19 = 20

Ice Block Sensory Play

Whilst the weather is so beautiful, why not create your own ice block fun! What can you find in your garden or on your daily walk that you could freeze? (Flowers, leaves). What happens to water when you put it in the freezer? What happens to ice when you hold it in your hands or put it in the sunshine? You could use an empty yogurt pot to freeze your object.



Click the link below for lots of lovely stories you can read online...



Healthy Eating

Are you eating 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables a day? Keep track of how many you are eating with this colouring sheet or why not draw each piece of fruit and veg that you eat! You can do so many fun things with food. Look at these...and make your own!



Wednesday 20th May

Hello Year 1! It is whispering Wednesday. Sit quietly for a moment...what can you hear?

Miss Kam spoke to Mrs Hancock on the phone. She is missing you all very much and sends you all her hugs. She has been on lots of walks with her children. LL we saw your lovely sign on the Parent's Forum 'Year 1 I love you', we miss you too! What a super sign! TC it is great to see that you have been finishing all of your daily tasks, well done! LMP we hope your finger is better soon! Keep up all of your hardwork Year 1. We are very proud of you and miss you all very much! Here are some fun tasks for you to do today...

English - time

What do we mean when we say yesterday, today and tomorrow? Watch the video below. Yesterday was 1 day ago. Today is now. Tomorrow is the day after today.


Write 3 sentences about these. Finish Miss Kam's sentence starters below using finger spaces, full stops and capital letters. Can you use 'and' or 'because' to extend your sentences?

Yesterday I

Today I am

Tomorrow I will



Recap - Number Bonds to 20


A Number bond to 20 is 2 numbers that you can add together to make 20.

Can you write down all the different number sentences you can think of that add together to make 20? I have started it for you...

19 + 1 = 20

18 + 2 = 20...

Can you see a pattern?

Use objects in your house to help you by counting them or why not cut out some circles to count!


If you would like an extra challenge, try number bonds to 30!


Music and Design and Technology

We love music! Make your own musical instrument...there are so many different instruments that you can make at home!


When you have made your shaker, why not play a fun musical game...click the link below for ideas.


What can you do to make someone smile this week? Miss Kam made some drawings for her nieces and video called her friends.

To all of the parents, carers, grandparents and siblings home schooling, thank you for your continued support! xXx the Year 1 team 



Tuesday 19th May 

Hello  Year One children and families 
What is the weather like today ? Is it sunny or cloudly? Is it windy or calm?
Here are some tasks for you to try today,


If we divide or share something into equal parts, we call the parts fractions. 

They are a fraction ( smaller part ) of a whole. I have been making a sandwich.

This is one sandwich or 1 whole.

One whole sandwich ( or 100% or 1.0 ) .

I cut the sandwich in half 

Then I cut the sandwich into quarters 

Can you make a sandwich and ask an adult to help you to cut it into 2 halves ? 

Then cut each half again and you should have 4 quarters.

If you cut your sandwich diagonally , each part will be triangular in shape. 

What shape are my 2 halves of a sandwich?

What shape are my 4 quarters of a sandwich?


If you have pizza at home, they are great for sharing into fractions. 


Fraction challenge ...

1. Can you fold a piece of paper into 2 halves, cut it in half and label it with the fraction half ? 

2. Then can you fold a piece of paper into 4 quarters, cut them into 4 parts and label each of them with the fraction quarter?

3. Can you show an adult 3 quarters and then 2 quarters? 



Writing ...( Grammar and punctuation  ) / Art

A word used to describe something or someone  is called an 


Can you clap the word and say it ... ad - ject - ive .

The word adjective has three syllables. 

Here is a portrait of me when I was a little girl.

A portrait is a picture of someone and this picture was  drawn a long, long time ago.

Can you describe the picture to someone in your family? 

Can you write some sentences describing the picture? 

1.Remember a sentence is a group of words which makes sense. 

2. Start each sentence with a capital letter. A,B,C,D,E etc

3. Leave a finger space in between every word.

4. End your sentence with a full stop, question mark or an exclamation mark  

.  full stop

? question mark

! exclamation mark 

5. Try to include at least one adjective in each sentence .

For example,

"The serious looking girl on the picture is wearing a  pink and white  headband."

I used 3 adjectives in my sentence ... serious describes how the girl looks.

The two colours pink and white describe the headband. 

Art challenge 

Can you draw or paint a self portrait  ( a picture of yourself ) 

Can you draw or paint a portrait of someone in your family? 

Don't forget to draw the eyebrows, eye lashes and really look carefully at the person's eye colour . The shade of the colour may be dark or pale green for example. If you are using crayons , press really lightly to colour in , if you would like a pale shade of the colour.


Take great care everyone.

I really hope to see you all again soon,  in about 14 sleeps , on June 1st! 

Lots of love from 

Mrs Stephens xxx



Monday 18th May

Hello Year One Children and Families 

How are you today?

Have you been exercising with Joe Wicks and his family?

Here are some tasks for you to do today ...

Maths ...

Make and play a shopping game 

See if you have any shop leaflets in the house like this one 

If you don't have any, draw some pictures of foods to buy and label them with how many pence they cost.

Adults would like to see prices like the ones on the shopping game I have made!

You wil need some counters and  some real coins or play coins.

You can  make some coins  by cutting out circles and labelling  them 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2.

You will need a dice to throw when it is your turn. If you haven't got a dice, use playing cards or digit cards.

Place the digit cards in a random pile face down and pick up a card when it is your turn.

 Stick the food pictures on a large piece of card or just place them in a circle.

Start with an equal amount of money per person.

The youngest person starts , throws the dice or picks up a digit card and counts around the food items.

You can then buy the item you land on, by putting the correct coins into a pot or play cash till .

The first person to spend all their coins wins the game !

****you could also make a shopping game using the Argos catalogue , perhaps cut out the toys and make a toy shop.****


English ...

Read and write a  poem

about colours.

A poem can contain rhyming words but it doesn't have to rhyme.
Christina Rossetti is a famous poet and an author who lived a long time ago. 
She wrote a beautiful poem about colours called  "What is Pink?" 
Can you write a poem about your favourite colours?
Say some things you like which are red, write them down as a list and then make some sentences about each object.
Then choose another colour and list things which you see which are that colour 
Read your draft poem out loud ( your ideas in a rough form.)
Then write your poem out like a poster, with some drawings around it.

Science ... 

Observe a colour spectrum

There are many different shades within each colour. Look at this colour spectrum .

There  is an acronym to help us remember the order of the colour spectrum ( rainbow colours)
ROY G. BIV    = red, orange, yellow,        green ,       blue , indigo and violet.
Can you tell someone which are your favourite shades, within the colours of the rainbow/ spectrum?
Have lots of fun ! 
Missing you all very much,
Lots of love from 
Mrs Stephens xxx
Friday 15th May

We are missing you so very much Year 1! Sveiki! Kaip laikaisi? That means how are you in Lithuanian. BD and his family are from Lithuania and so are Miss Kam's grandparents! Do you know where your family are / were from? What can you find out about your family history? Miss Kam did a family tree a while ago and found out all sorts of fun and interesting things about her family! 

History / Geography / PSHE - Family Tree

Start with something easy and simple like the family tree below. You could draw your own tree or use a free online template. There are so many free ones you can download!

You could add your brothers and sisters to your tree (if you have any) and your aunties and uncles too! I wonder how far back you can go? I am sure this is something your family will enjoy doing with you. Do you know anything about your great grandparents? What can you find out about your family? Miss Kam loved doing hers! How exciting!







Look at what you learnt in maths on Wednesday. Ask an adult to test your coin recognition. Can you show an adult what each coin is? 



Can you workout how much money is in each jar?


On Funky Friday's we practise our timetables! Don't forget to login to TT Rockstars just like MW, TK, HH, TC, CGC and OB. Well done!




In KS1 we learn 'high frequency' words. These are words that are said and used a lot in written texts. Can you practise reading, writing and spelling these words? There are rather a lot of them so take your time there is no rush! We would suggest that you practise a few a day. Make a note of any that you need to practise a little more. You could try and put some of these words into sentences too.

Thursday 14th May

Ola Year 1! We are missing you so very much! Mrs Boardman sent Miss Kam some pictures of our sunflowers, they have grown so much. Have your sunflowers grown much? Como estas? That means how are you in Spanish. Have you been to Spain before? Can you find the country Spain on google maps? Can you remember what you did on our Spanish school day earlier this year?


Art and Design - Making paper look old (vintage)

Miss Kam LOVED making paper look old when she was your age! You can make paper look old by using tea or coffee to stain it, by scrunching it up lots of times and by tearing the paper at the edges.There are different ways you can make paper look old. You will need an adult to help you when using hot/boiling water and if you decide to use the 'oven' method. Click the videos below.

You could use the 'vintage' looking paper to make your own treasure map or book! How exciting.






Find more fun PIRATE makes and ideas on this Swashbuckle website:





Can you design and make your own menu? What food are you going to put on your menu? How much would you charge people for an apple? glass of milk? ham sandwich? a cake? How fun! Use what you learnt in maths yesterday to help you!



Can you remember what goes at the end of a question?

Can you ask anyone you live with 3 questions?

Miss Kam has a question for you! What have you been doing at home this week?

Now write down 4 questions that you would ask a friend, your teacher or someone you miss if you could. Don't forget to use capital letters, finger spaces and a question mark at the end of your question.

Save them so that when you see them next you can ask them those questions!


Wednesday 13th May

Bonjourno Year 1! Come stai? That means how are you in Italian. Miss Kam saw HH and AT at school on Monday, it made her so happy. Can you find the country Italy on google maps? Miss Kam went on holiday to Italy last year and loves Italian food like pasta! What is your favourite food? 



Grouping Materials

Today we would like you to go on a material hunt!

How many objects in your house can you find that are made out of...

  • wood
  • glass
  • metal
  • plastic
  • fabric
  • paper
  • rock/stone

Why not write the names of the objects down or collect them and put them into different groups of materials.

After use as many adjectives (describing words) as you can think of to describe each material. Such as hard, soft, cold, smooth, rough, heavy and so on.




We would like you to look at different coins today...

  • 1p
  • 2p
  • 5p
  • 10p
  • 20p
  • 50p
  • £1
  • £2

If you don't have any coins in the house for you to look at then don't worry...


Watch these videos...


This one is very helpful...




DON'T FORGET to practise your Phonics and read as much as you can with a grown-up.

What is an....

An exclamation mark is used at the end of a sentence instead of a full stop or after a word when someone is shouting, being bossy or feeling a type of strong emotion like excited or angry. Here are some of Miss Kam's examples:

Look up there!

How exciting!

I am so hungry!

Quick we are late for school!

Tidy your room!


Can you write some of your own using exclamation marks? Don't forget to use capital letters and finger spaces.

Miss Kam's Walking Challenge 

Are you ready for Miss Kam's walking challenge? How many of these can you spot on your next walk? You could take some paper and a pencil with you on your next walk to track how many of these things you can find on your walk! 

The numbers tell you how easy or hard (what we call difficult) it may be for you to find them on your walk. The bigger the number the harder it will be to find. 

OR if you want to practise your adding with an adult, the numbers could be the amount of points you get for each object you see. Add the points up to see what score you get! 

Tuesday 12th May 

Hello Year One children and families 

Yesterday my husband Dave looked at the Home Tasks and said I had put enough on for a week!

I hope I didn't overwhelm you all with ideas.

I hope you like these activities...

Maths / Design and Technology / Art and Design

I thought it would be fun to do some maths with DT and AD today , based on the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears story.

Do you like my finger puppets ? I think Goldilocks is having a bad hair day , like most of us at the moment!

1. Which bear is the tallest? 

2. which bear is the shortest? 

3. Which bears are taller than baby bear?

4. Who is shorter than Daddy Bear?

5. Can you find 5 things in your house which are taller than you? 

6. Can you find 5 things in your house which are shorter than you ?

Here are the three bears'  bowls and the spoons 

1. Point to the longest spoon , the shortest spoon and the middle sized spoon.

2. Can you find a short spoon like a teaspoon, a long spoon like a tablespoon or a wooden spoon

and a medium sized spoon?

3. Can you estimate or guess the length of each spoon ?  How many centimetres long ?

4. If you have a ruler or a tape measure, measure how many cms ( centimeters ) long your spoons are.

Here are some chairs for bears ( a rhyming pair of words )

1. Which chair is the widest ?

2. Which chair is narrow ? 

Oh no, I haven't got any beds for the bears!

CHALLENGE ... Can you make some beds using lego bricks, dough, empty boxes or building bricks?

Harley and Aalyah made some beds and pillows out of paper last week.

Can you design a bed cover for each bed? Here are some ideas,



English (speaking, listening, reading) / Geography / Art and Design

We saw many Union Jacks at the weekend, the national flag for the United Kingdom. 

Here are some other flags


Can you see the Union Jack? 

Can you read the names of other countries?

Which flag is your favourite one? 

Can you design a flag for Heron Cross School?


Have a look at this world map and ask an adult to help you to find the United Kingdom.

Can you point to the  north, south , east and west compass points on the map ? 

If you tried the compass points  task on Purple Mash, this will help you. 

Try to read the quiz questions and answer them if you can. 

You could always ask an adult, to see if they know the answers ... or use Google or another search engine to find out.

You might like to write the questions on separate pieces of paper or card and then take it in turns to answer a question.

Good luck!


I hope you all stay well and stay safe.

Lots of love from

Mrs Stephens xxxxxx


Monday 11th May 

Hello Year One Children and Famiies 
Did  you enjoy celebrating the VE Day weekend? Have you tried Miss Kam's Walking Challenge yet?
It was so lovely to receive a blog from Finley on Purple Mash !  
I have sent a reply, so I do hope you have received it Finley?
Enjoy your  tasks for today everyone !   xxxx


When I was a little girl my Mum always did the washing on Mondays! 

I used to help by sorting the clean socks into pairs ( two socks the same ) . 

Can you see some pairs of socks on my photograph?

Can you see some spotty socks ?    Can you see some socks with stripes? 

Ask an adult if you can pair the clean socks together in your house. 

Miss Kam asked you to practise your times tables using Times Tables Rock Stars , great fun!

I have made a number sentence for 1 x 2 = 12 using my pairs of socks 

Then I made 9 sets of 2 , or 9 pairs of socks and I had 18 socks altogether .
I made some times tables number sentences using pens ( 3 x 5 = 15 ) and some grapes ( 5 x5 = 25) 
Can you make some sets of pairs of socks for your 2 times tables? 
Perhaps you could use some sets of toy cars or lego bricks to make your 5 times tables and 10 times tables. 
Ask an adult to ask you  " quick fire" questions ...  such as " 4 times 2  , 7 times 5 , 9  times 10". 
Once you are really sure of your 2s, 5s and 10s , try some  other tables. 
Square numbers are amazing!  If you times together 2 numbers which are the same , they are square numbers 
                                                               2 x 2 = ?                     10 x 10 = ? 
Can you make a picture of some square numbers using a ruler and a pencil, like the square I have drawn for 5 x 5 ? 


Miss Kam was giving you some challenges linked to Julia  Donaldson's wonderful book called ,

"The Snail and The Whale". 

I have been finding  words in the book which rhyme ( sound the same ) 
Can you read the word cards ?
They all rhyme, so they are called a rhyming string.

Pairs Game

We were making socks into pairs ( sets of 2 )  in our maths tasks.
 I have made a game by making sets of rhyming pairs.
 1. Can you read the rhyming word pairs?
2. Make some rhyming pairs words ...  if you have some paper or card and some felt tip pens or pencils .
Cut them into individual words with safety scissors or ask an adult to please cut them for you. 
3. Mix the pairs up and turn  the cards over, then  arrange them in rows.
4. Each person  turns two cards over when it is their turn . Remember which words were on the cards. 
5. When you turn a rhyming pair, you keep those cards and have another turn. 
6. The person with the most pairs wins the game. 

Make a Whale Book 

Try some of the writing suggestions above .
If you have an adult to help you , it would be great to carry out some research about whales.
Enter the questions into Google or another search engine...
What can a whale do? Why does it do this?
What happens when whales migrate?  
Can you draw a whale in your book and then make up a story about a whale and a .... ? 


Miss Kam gave us a lovely weblink about the songs they sang during the war . 
Did you try the Lindy Hop Dance which you saw on the YouTube video?
Music and singing can make us feel happy ! 
What is your favourite song? What is your favourite musical?
My favourite one is the "Sound of Music " and the song about learning the 8 musical notes, "Do-Re-Mi" . 
I love to hear  the chidren singing and watch them dancing  with Julie Andrews. 
Have lots of fun children! 
I hope to read your news on the Purple Mash blog !
Lots of love from
Mrs Stephens xxxxx 




Friday 8th May

Happy Funky Friday Year 1! We are missing you oh so very much! We hope you are having lots of fun at home. Here are some fun things for you today today...


Practise your timetables on TT Rockstars. We love learning our timetables!


Measuring Capacity

You will need 4 drinking glasses and water.

Can you show an adult...

  • an empty glass
  • a glass that is almost empty
  • a glass that is half full
  • a glass that is almost full
  • a glass that is full (all the way to the top)


You will need an adult to help you with this...Miss Kam used a large jug, a bowl and a really big mug for her 3 containers. She used a small cup to pour 6 cup fulls of water into the 3 containers. She then had a look at which container had the smallest amount of water in and the largest (capacity). 


History - VE Day

Please watch this video so that you know what this special day, VE Day, is all about.


Can you tell an adult how the people of our country celebrated the end of the war? Who told everyone that the war had ended? 

You may wish to make some of the activities mentioned in the video. 

Join in with the nation 'stay at home' street party! 

Why not watch a famous dance the Swing Out / the Lindy Hop dance...try it yourself...listen to the music...



Miss Kam is going to make some VE Day bunting.




Write a few sentences (facts) about VE Day and why it is an important day. Watch the video again to help you. As always do not forget your finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.


Sit with an adult to read this webpage...


Here are some sentence starters for you to use...


We celebrate VE Day because

Winston Churchill

People celebrated by

We still think about

Today I am going to celebrate by

Have a super weekend Year 1! Keep up all of your hard work at home. Don't forget we are very proud of you all! Paddington Bear send his cuddles. He has been spending a lot of time playing in the garden and has eaten a lot of chocolate like Miss Kam! Hugs and love from Miss Kam xXx


Thursday 7th May

Bonjour / Guten Tag / Ola / Good Morning our Year 1 family! We hope you are all safe and well and happy. We are thinking of you each and every day as always. TC well done on making your own blog on Purple Mash, wow! TC, MW, OB, ER, DB, LT, AI, LP, RW, FH, HH and CGC have all been very busy on Purple Mash. Well done, the tasks you have done are super everyone!!!! DB we loved your colour wheel! I am so proud of all of you in Year 1! Have a great day, love Miss Kam xXx



Can you write Mrs Stephens and I (Miss Kam) a postcard telling us what you have been doing at home? I have set this as a 2Do task on the Purple Mash website. It will come up as a 2Do alert for you to complete. Your login is at the front of your reading diary. If you are having trouble logging in then don't worry, why not write a letter or make and write a postcard to someone saying 'hello' and telling them what you have been doing at home.

It only has to be a few sentences. Typing on a computer or tablet is a 'new skill'! How exciting. Don't forget to use a space bar to put spaces into your sentences.

We can't wait to hear from you!!!!



Measuring Capacity Experiment

Today we would like you to find...

a large container (a bowl or bucket of some kind) 

a cup (any size)

a plastic bottle or different kind of small container


We would like you to use a cup to fill your large container with water. How many cups do you think it will take to fill your large container? Have a guess! Make sure you keep going until your large container is completely full! When filling your large container do you think the cups need to be full of water each time? Well yes! Otherwise it wouldn't be fair and it will take you longer to fill your large container.

Now do the same again using a plastic bottle or another small container instead of a cup to fill your large container. Do you think it will take more bottles or less to fill your large container than using a cup? Why? 



Learn your name in sign language

Cardboard roll makes

There are so many fun things that you can make using cardboard rolls (toilet rolls and kitchen rolls). What can you make? Here are some ideas...


Wednesday 6th May 

To all parents, carers, grandparents and siblings,

We want to say a huge thank you for helping to continue your child's learning at home during these difficult times. We understand how hard it may be to juggle home learning with work, a large family, running a household, life! The tasks that we place on this page are to support you and your child and to provide you with some fun, age appropriate learning ideas that fit to the curriculum and home life. We hope you find this page useful. Children are learning all of the time in their own environments at home. Learning is all around them :) Stay safe, well and happy! All of our bestest wishes. We miss you!

Thank you for your continued support always, Miss Kam and the Year 1 team xXx


Find 1 object in your house which is red

Find 1 object that is blue.

Find 1 object that is yellow.

These are called primary colours. You can not mix and make these colours unlike orange and green. 


We would like you to write a sentence about each of the 3 objects that you have found in your house. Remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Can you use some adjectives (describing words) to describe what your objects look like? Here is one of Miss Kam's sentences to help you:


The red object I have found is tomato ketchup and it is kept in a tall, shiny, hard bottle.



Last week we asked you to find two objects in your house which were heavier or lighter than each other. Look at the picture below. Who do you think is correct? 

Capacity and Volume

Find 3 drinking glasses.

Can you show an adult a glass that is full of water?

Can you show an adult an empty glass?

Can you show an adult a glass that is half full?

Now try and find 3 empty containers and 3 full containers. Then find 3 containers that aren't full but that aren't empty, so how full are they?



Life Skills 

Last week we made a list of important life skills for you to learn. Some of them you may be able to do already. How did you get on with the list? Why not learn one life skill a day. Look at the challenge below. 

Art - the colour wheel 

This is the colour wheel. Can you see how the colours fade and move into each other? We would like you to make your own colour wheel, like the one below, using things in your house. Find items that are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink! 


Tuesday 5th May 

Good morning Year One children and families 

Here are some challenges for you to try today , I hope you enjoy them!

Lots of love from

Mrs Stephens xxx



Make some digit number cards and make a number rainbow .

Remember to make a digit card with a zero . 

Can you point to a number which is...  

2 more than 4, 1 less than 7, 3 more than 5 , double 3, double 5, double 6, double 10?

I have made some number bond pairs 

These pairs of numbers add together to make 10 . Can you make a number sentence with each pair?

For exampe 5 + 5 = 10 , 4 + 6 = 10 

Can you make number bond pairs within other numbers ? For example 7 ( 0 + 7 = 7, 1 + 6 = 7 etc )


Clock challenge 

1.Ask someone in your family to hide your digit cards around your  garden ( if you have one  or if not, hide them  inside  the house.)

See if you can find all your digit cards again!

If you have a clock or a watch, time how many minutes it takes you to find them .

2. Someone in your family could perhaps time you using their mobile phone clock or stop watch. Keep a list of the time it takes you to compete any task , such as jumping 20 times. Then try the same activity and time it again ... 

 can you do it faster , so you improve on your time? 


English and Design Technology

Make a slotted book 

You will need 4 pieces of A4 paper , some safety scissors ( or ask an adult to cut the paper for you ) , a ruler and a pencil.

1. Fold all four sheets of paper in half .

On one sheet measure 4 cm from the outside of both edges of the fold and make a mark .

Cut from the outside edge up to the 4 cm mark on both sides.

2. Mark the other 3 sheets in the same way but cut along the fold to make a tiny window. 

3. Roll the single sheet of paper to make the longest cylinder ( like a  sausage shape.) 

Push it through the window you made in the 3 sheets.

The last part is a bit tricky, so take your time and slowly unfold the single sausage shaped sheet.

Slot it into the window you made. 

Now you should have a lovely book !



Write and draw in your book. You could make a book called,

" My Alphabet Book"

Write and draw a picture of someone you love

or  something you love to do ,  for each letter. 

For example "I love eating apples" for letter a , " I love Bertie my dog" for b , " I love my cousin Claire" for c ...etc.


Take great care and try to leave me a message on the Purple Mash blog, to let me know how you got on with the challenges today .

Can you download a picture of your slotted book or your number rainbow? 

Have lots of fun!





Monday 4th May 

Good morning Year One Children and Families ,
I hope you are all staying well? 
Miss Kam has asked me to add some tasks for you today .
Have  fun!
Lots of love from
Mrs Stephens xxx
Today Star Wars fans will be celebrating May 4th and there's a great Star Wars quiz for you to try on one of the Disney websites 
There are lots of other Disney Story quizzes on the website to try.
Can you see how many words you can make from the letters in Disney Film titles?
For example                        Star Wars = at, saw, raw etc 
Alphabet Rainbow 
Can you make an alphabet rainbow ? I used wooden letters for mine but you could write the letters or if you have magnetic or sponge letters, they woud be great ! It would look even better if your letters were different colours. 
1. Can you sing the alphabet song or say the alphabet using the names of the letters? ( eg A as in acorn etc)
2. Can you say the alphabet letters using their sounds or phonemes? ( eg A as in apple etc ) 
3. Can you say and write a list of children's first names, beginning with each letter of the alphabet?
( eg Amir, Ben, Carol etc )
Play the  "Pub Feet" or "Pub Cricket" game 
Public House  names and the signs on them tell us a lot about the history of the areas they are in.    Have a look at some of the pub names in the United Kingdom,
You could play Pub Feet or Pub Cricket using some of the pub names.
1. Use  cards or pieces of paper   and write some  pub names on them .
Cardboard from an empty cereal box would be great .
2. You can  make a board game like mine if you have some large card or sheets of paper .
3. If you haven't got any counters, use buttons or draw some different shapes and cut them out. 
4. Pick up a card and read the name of the pub. You score by adding up the number of feet in the pub's name 
For example the "Romeo and Juliet" pub would score 4 because Romeo has two feet and Juliet has two feet. 
"The Moon" pub would be zero scored for that go...  because the moon hasn't got any feet ! 
"The Fox and Hounds" could have a lot of feet ,depending how many hounds there are. However, the maximum score is 6, just like in cricket. When you score  a 6,  you can pick up another card in the same turn. If you picked up "The Lamb"  you would score 4 because a lamb has 4 feet. Add the 4 and 6 together so you would score 10 for that go. 
5. Take it in turns to play and either move your counter around a track or keep the totals scored on each go, by listing them or remembering them. 
Art and Design Challenge
Can you think of a name for your own  cafe and design a sign for it ? There are some ideas on this weblink
Make a role play cafe using empty grocery boxes, paper plates if you have any  and play food and drinks .
Design some menus, including the prices of items for sale in your cafe and make some cafe signs such as,
"Open" , "Closed" , "Toilets" , "Baby Changing Room" etc . 
Pretend to be a waiter or waitress and write down the order from your customers. Write them a bill for the cost of their items.
The customers could pretend to pay,  using  real coins or plastic ones.  It is fun to make your own coins by cutting out different size  circles and labelling them with 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2 .You could also make some £5 , £10 and £20 notes to play with too
I think we are all dreaming of being able to meet up with our family and friends again  in a cafe or a pub! 
Stay safe everyone, missing you loads !
Friday 1st May


Bonjour Year 1 and hello the month of May! Is your birthday in the month of May?

Today we would like you to practise some important basic life skills! How fun! Opportunities for learning are all around you. Here are some ideas of things you can practise doing, the list is endless:

  • tieing your shoelaces
  • cutting out shapes with child-friendly scissors
  • getting dressed on your own and quickly
  • putting your shoes on and taking them off on your own
  • brushing your own hair
  • riding a bike (with an adult on your daily walk)
  • crossing a road safely
  • how to make a sandwich (with an adult)
  • how to prepare a simple meal (carefully and safely with an adult)
  • writing your full name (capital letters at the start, finger spaces and the correct size)
  • learn your date of birth
  • learn your address
  • how to call emergency services and when you may need to call them in an emergency
  • what to do if you are ever lost (go to the nearest shop and tell someone that works there you are lost)
  • how to pay for something at a shop (with an adult)
  • the names of the people you live with (for example mummy's actual name)
  • how to make your bed
  • to tidy your bedroom and to put your toys away
  • practise sharing through play with games and toys
  • typing your name and a simple sentence on a word document or our Year 1 blog (with an adult)




Yesterday we asked you and showed you how to use a ruler! Look at Teddy's measurement below. He started at the end of the ruler instead of 0.

What else can you measure today?


Weight and Mass

Find two objects in your house.

Which object is heavier and which object is lighter? How do you know?

Are larger objects always heavier than smaller objects? We would like you to investigate this today!

Find different items around the house, some big and some small. Which ones are lighter and which ones are heavier? Have fun!!!!


Art Challenges

In Year 1 we love art and we love making and creating new things! There are lots of challenges you can enter which are fun! Have a look below...

#DesignYourSuperBear with John Lewis

Design a Super Hero Bear!



Wild Art Challenge with RSPB



The Environment and the Home Art Challenge with Worcester and Bosch


Have fun making some fantastic art designs! You are all super artists!

History Challenge from Mrs Stephens  Can you do some research and find out the name of the man from Stoke on Trent who designed the famous Spitfire Aeroplane pictured below? This was one of the areoplanes flown yesterday over Colonel Tom Moore's home to celebrate his 100th birthday !

Can you draw a picture of the Spitfire? Can you design your own aeroplane ?  



Thursday 30th April

It is Captain Tom Moore's 100th birthday today! Have you seen him on TV?

English / PSHE / Phonics (through writing)

Captain Tom wanted to raise some money to help our hospitals (NHS). He did this by walking up and down and up and down his drive at the front of his house over and over. People paid him money to give to our hospitals for all of the walking he was doing.

He did this even though he finds it hard to walk. This is why Miss Kam and lots of people all over our country find Captain Tom inspirational.


Today we would like you to think about someone who is inspirational to you! This is someone that makes you want to do better, someone that you may even want to be more like! Someone that you think is amazing and wonderful and makes you feel good. It may even be someone you know.

Art - Draw a picture of them.

Write a few sentences about why you think they are inspirational. Remember to use your phonics to sound out any new or tricky words. Think about your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Here is how you can start your sentence...


I think   X    is inspirational because                       and                   


Write a few sentences. How do they make you feel? What do you think makes them special?

They make me feel

They are special because



Forest School / Outdoor Learning

Have you signed up for a free 30 Days Wild pack from the Wildlife Trust?


There are so many lovely ideas you can find here of things to do and learn outdoors! We love the outdoors come rain or shine!



Practical Measurement

Today we would like you to learn how to use a ruler. Do you have a ruler at home? Ask an adult. If you do then you will need it for this activity. We would like you to use the side of the ruler that says cm. This means that we are measuring in centimetres. Find a small object to measure such as a rubber, a paperclip, a pencil. 

What other objects can you measure? Remember to line your object up to 0 and on the side of the ruler that says cm.

Key skill - Practise drawing straight lines using a ruler.


Just for Fun 

Make your own play dough! You can do so many fun things with dough and it builds strength in your fingers for writing.



Wednesday 29th April

It is whispering Wednesday Year 1! Whisper 'Good Morning' and 'how are you' to someone you live with. Why don't you play a game of Chinese whispers with your family!


After visiting Phonics Play to practise those tricky sounds, why not make your own Phonics Snake! This activity is ideal for any phonics phase. It is especially good for Phase 5! You can find words for each phase on Phonics Play. Have a sssssssssssssuper slithering time! 


A few weeks ago we learnt the 'days of the week'. Can you remember them? I bet you can!

How many days are in 1 week?       

How many days make up a weekend?


Today we would like you to learn the 'months of the year'. 

What month are we in now? What month is your birthday?


How many months are in 1 year?

With an adult, write down the months of the year in order. Remember they need capital letters as they are proper nouns.



Use your hands to measure how tall a table is in your house. Put one hand infront of the other, make sure they are touching and start counting. Start from the bottom and work your way to the top! Do the same to measure how tall the people that you live with are!

The table is          X              hands tall.

My brother is         X.            hands tall.

My mummy is        X            hands tall.


What else can you measure with your hands? 


Just for fun / Science 

Make your own rainbow rain cloud! https://www.thebestideasforkids.com/rain-cloud-in-a-jar/

Visit https://www.thebestideasforkids.com/ for even more fun ideas.


Art - Family Activity

Make a beautiful family handprint to remember this time.



Tuesday 28th April

'Hallo' Year 1! Happy Tuesday! How are you today?


Draw a picture of how you are feeling today. Write a sentence about how you are feeling and why. Remember to use your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Start your sentence with 'Today I am feeling...'

Here is Miss Kam's sentence:

Today I am feeling joyful because the birds are singing loudly and I am safe and well.

Can you use because and and to extend your sentence?

Why not write another sentence about how someone in your house is feeling. 

Next write a list of all of the different emotions that you can think of. Here are a few to start your list off...

happy                      Can you think of a different word that means happy?



Click this link for a fun song:



Phonics and Dance

Create your own Phonics dance mat! Start by drawing around your hands and feet onto some paper carefully. Do this a few times. Then write some key sounds inside each hand or foot that you have drawn. With an adult, shout out a sound and put your foot or hand onto it. Take it in turns like a game. Be careful not to fall over!




Did you know that height (that's how tall you are) is a type of length (that's how long something is).

Are you taller or shorter than the adults in your house?


Compare objects

Pick up an object (a pencil or a book). Can you find an object that is shorter than your pencil/book? Can you find an object that is longer than your pencil/book?



Watch this video to learn what 'cardinal directions' are. We use something called a compass to know which direction is which (North, South, East, West).

Miss Kam remembers the directions using this:

N ever       E at        S hredded        W heat


Login to Purple Mash to find a special task that we have made for you. Can you label the compass with the correct directions? Your login is at the front of your reading diary. If you can't login don't worry, draw and label your own compass instead.



Music - sing a song about a rainbow

Miss Kam loved this song when she was little.


Can you make up your own song about a rainbow?

Sending you all of our hugs and love, the Year 1 family. Remember we are one big family. We are in this together as a team xXx


Monday 27th April

Good Morning Year 1! it is musical Monday!!!! Sing 'Good Morning' in your silliest voice to someone you live with. Miss kam sang hello to her next door neighbour and he now thinks she is very silly.

We hope you had a wonderful weekend! We are sending you lots of virtual hugs! What did you do this weekend? Miss Kam made a chocolate cheesecake and did some gardening, Mrs Boardman enjoyed the sunshine in her garden, Mrs Stephens went for a walk and Mr Shenton did some artwork. 

Draw a picture of something you did this weekend and write a few sentences about what you did. 


Let's dance!!! Dance along with Kidz Bop! Sing-a-long too, after all it is musical Monday!



At Heron Cross we love singing along to songs from the film the Greatest Showman. Sing-a-long to one of our favourite songs by clicking the link below...



Design and Technology / Maths

Can you design and make your own cookies, flapjack or cheesecake? You will need an adult to help you. Can you measure the ingredients carefully? Measuring is part of Maths!

Add cocoa powder (25g) and melted cooking chocolate (250g) to make it a chocolate cheesecake like Miss Kam's below...



This week is National Gardening week and it is National Children's Gardening week at the end of May. There are lots of nice things that you can do in your garden other than weeding! Follow these links for some ideas...




Get to grips with Google Maps! It is so much fun. Can you find Heron Cross on the aerial view map (aerial view - looking down from the sky like a bird)? Can you find our school? Try and find your local park, shops and even your own home! What else can you find on your map? Try street view!


Make someone smile today by saying something nice about them We call this giving someone a compliment. We do this at school during 'Special Day'. What things can you think of to say to someone that is nice? Remember you are very special!

Have a wonderful day Year 1! We are thinking about you today, tomorrow and always! The Year 1 team xXxXx


Friday 24th April


It is Funky Friday Year 1!!! We have some amazing dancers in Year 1. It is time to throw some moves and body shapes. Start the day with some funky dance moves with Oti or why not make up your own dance to your favourite song!

Or learn a new dance to 'Can't Stop the Feeling' by following this link:


Keep practising those tricky words and sounds by visiting Phonics Play. Play some fun Phonics games! Practise those sounds that you find a little tricky.


Have you practised your spellings this week? They were posted on Monday.


Listen to Mr Thorne sound out some key words that we need to know:



Something that may help parents and carers with your Phonics:




What have you been reading at home? Make sure you are reading with an adult so that they can help you with any sounds and words that are a little bit tricky.

Why not listen to Miss Kam or one of her friends read a story...

Follow Miss Kam's YouTube, Miss Kam and Friends, for story time videos and more!


Listen to Miss Kam read The Snail and the Whale...

Miss Kam didn't realise how close the camera was to her face! 




It is timestable Friday! We love our timetables in Year 1! Listen to the the tuneful toons sing different songs about the timetables on Purple Mash:


Your login will be found at the front of your reading diary.

Visit TT Rockstars to practise your timetables!

Well done CGC, EF, AW, MW, TLS, TK and TC from Miss Kam's class who have practised their timetables lots and lots! Your login is at the front of your reading diary.



Just for fun / Art

It will be sunny this weekend so why not create your own shadow art!

Draw around each other's shadows using chalk. Here are some of ours...


Give coding a go. You may need an adult to help you. Build your own cake on...


Have the most amazing weekend Year 1. We are sending you lots of hugs at a safe distance. Missing you! Love the Year 1 team xxXXxx

National Pet Month

Can you guess which pet belongs to which Year 1 teacher? Answers to be revealed soon! 


Thursday 23rd April

Ciao Year 1! We hope you are having a wonderful week. We love learning different ways to say hello or good morning in Year 1. Watch this video for more ways to say hello in different languages. How many ways can you say hello?




Why not try this Phonics website. This will help parents and carers to help you to learn your phonics. Have fun looking around the website.


The free login is on the photo below.



Today we are learning how to put things into an order of when they happened. This will help us with our maths later. We wrote instructions on how to make a sandwich not long ago so we should be pretty good at this!

Look at these words...





After that


We use these at the start of a sentence. They tell us the order of when to do something or when something happened. Can you remember what we call these words?Time conjunctions. Well done if you remembered!


Write 3 to 6 sentences using the time conjunctions above to write down what you do today. Don't forget your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Use 'and' to make your sentences longer. Here are 3 of Miss Kam's sentences:

First I made a cup of tea and some marmalade on toast for my breakfast.

Then I brushed my teeth and washed my face before getting dressed.

Next I fed my dog and took him on a short walk in the sunshine.




We are looking at seconds and minutes today. Did you know that there are 60 seconds in 1 minute and 60 minutes in 1 hour!

Ask an adult to open the 'stopwatch' on their phone for you. Start the stopwatch...

  • write your name as quickly as you can

Then stop the stopwatch. How long did it take you to write your name? The stopwatch will tell you how long it took you to do this. Start the stopwatch...

  • how many star jumps can you do in 20 seconds?

Stop the stopwatch after 20 seconds. How many star jumps did you do?

What else can you time yourself doing? Can you time someone else in your house to do something? Can you challenge them to do something in 20 seconds? Remember there are 60 seconds in 1 minute! You could time yourself running up and down the stairs for 1 minute - thats 60 seconds or brushing your teeth for 2 minutes - thats 120 seconds!


Ask an adult to help you to answer these questions...

Have fun!



This term we are learning all about different everyday ...

What is an object?

An object is a thing made out of material that can be seen or touched.

What objects can you think of? What objects can you see? Here are some objects that Miss Kam can see...







What is a material?

A material is what a thing (object) is made from.

Here are some of the materials used to make objects that are all around you.



What objects can you find in and around your house?

What materials do you think they are made from? Why?

Think about how they feel and look! Can you use any adjectives (describing words) to describe how they feel and look?

How many different materials can you find?


Design and Technology

You are a Fashion Designer. We would like you to draw and design your own school uniform! 

You uniform must have the Heron Cross school logo on it. Be as creative as you wish! It is your design. 

Start by drawing the body of a boy or a girl. Don't press too hard with your pencil...

Then you can start by adding clothes which will be your uniform! What colour will your uniform be?


Have a wonderful day Year 1. Remember you are very special to your teachers and your family xXx <3 


Wednesday 22nd April

It is whispering Wednesday! What can you hear? Listen carefully...make a list of all of the super sounds you can hear. The birds outside are singing loudly.

After doing your morning exercise, give these fun tasks a go...

Can you make your own Phonics game? You will need an adult to help you.

Segment and Blend Playdough Buttons

Haven't got any playdough? Don't worry! You can draw circles or cut out circles instead.

Noisy Jump Game


Dig and Plant Words Game


These are great fun!


Reading is so important so keep up the hard work and do some reading everyday. Find somewhere different to read. You could read a book in a den, under your bed, under a table or even in a wardrobe! How exciting!


English / History / Art

Yesterday was the Queen's birthday! Make a birthday card for the Queen and think of some questions you would like to ask the Queen.

Now write down any questions that you would like to ask the Queen. Remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and question marks (?). 'The Queen' is a proper noun as it is her name (title) so her name needs a capital letter. Here is Miss Kam's question for the Queen:

How many dogs do you have and what are they all called?


What do you know about the Queen? What can you find out about her? Did you know she has two birthdays!




Yesterday was also Earth Day. How can we be kind to our planet? We need to look after the Earth, our environment, nature, wildlife and our local area. What can you do to help at home?

Here are some super ideas and ways you can help our planet..

  • Switch off anything that you are not using, this way you will save electricity and help the planet! 

  • Recycle your rubbish. Most houses have a blue recycling bin where paper, cardboard, food tins, cans and cartons, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, pots and cartons can be put in to be recycled and used again to make other things. What can you recycle? Is there anything you can reuse for something else? Miss Kam saves yoghurt pots. She uses them to pour paint in.

Can you make a poster to encourage people to recycle their rubbish? Encourage means to makes other people to want to do something.

  • Save water. Only use what water you need to use. Do not waste it. Switch the tap off when you are brushing your teeth, have a shower instead of a bath, take a quick shower instead of a long one. Water is important for your body! Make sure you are drinking plenty of water! 


Sun Safety

Watch this animation or read this story to learn why it is so important to stay safe in this beautiful sun. 


Take a photo of yourself staying safe in the sun.

Here are ways you can stay safe in this gorgeous sunshine...

Make a poster about how to stay safe in the sun.



Please continue to use the White Rose Maths Hub to support your maths learning at home.



Yesterday we learnt to tell the time to the hour. Lets recap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaFQslk37xg

Today we are going to learn how to tell the time to half past the hour.

A clock face is made up of a circle. If you draw a line through the middle from the number 12 to the number 6 you will see that a clock is made of 2 halves (to make 1 whole clock).

When the small hand (that tells you the hour) is pointing in the middle of two numbers (here it is between 3 and 4), the hour is always the smallest number. Whic number is the smallest here, 3 or 4? 3 of course! That is why it is half past 3. 

Watch this video to help you. 




Did you know...

BBC Bitesize have daily lessons for each and every school subject. Take a look...



National Pet Month

It is National Pet Month! We LOVE animals in Year 1! Do you have any pets? Share your pictures of you and your pets on our school facebook page. If you don't have any pets then why not take a photo with your favourite animal teddy! Stay tuned for super photos of the Year 1 team and their pets! Hashtag the Year1family so those running the site can pass your pictures onto Miss Kam.


We miss you all so very much. Keep smiling and spreading your magic and love! The year 1 family xXxXx


Tuesday 21st April

Jambo Year 1! We hope you are having a super start to the week! Here are today's home learning tasks...

Start your day with some exercise! Wake-up your brain and body with some funky dancing with Oti!



Username: march20
Password: home

How did you get on with your Phonics yesterday? I bet you did a great job! Visit Phonics Play to practise the key sounds that YOU find tricky. Write down the sounds that you need to practise with an adult.

Try the Flashcards Time Challenge.

Why not play one of our favourite Phonics Booster games...



Have you visited our Spelling Shed website recently? You will find your login to this website at the front of your reading diary. There are lots of fun games to play on there!


This week we would like you to learn these spellings:


Yesterday you wrote a list of all of the lovely things you could see in this picture from the book 'The Snail and the Whale'.

Today we would like you to write full sentences about what you can see in this picture. Use your list that you made yesterday to help you. You need to use your phonics to spell new and tricky words. Remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Can you use an adjective (describing word) to describe the noun (person, place, thing) that you can see? Can you use a verb (doing word) to describe what your noun is doing? Start your sentence with..

I can see


Here is Miss Kam's sentence to help you...

I can see a ginormous black whale blowing sea water into the air and a cheeky monkey sunbathing in a tall slim palm tree. 

After why not write a sentence about what you might hear or feel if you were in that picture.

I can feel

I can hear



White Rose Maths Hub

Have you visited the White Rose home learning page for Year 1 yet? There are lots of super maths activities on this website for you to do at home. Start with week 1 if you haven't done so already. Have fun!



In Year 1, we learn to tell the time to the hour and half past the hour using an analogue clock. Lets learn to tell the time to the hour!

Here is an analogue clock and it is telling us that the time is 3 o'clock. The small red hand is pointing to the number 3 which tells us what hour it is. The long blue hand is pointing to the number 12 which tells us that it is o'clock (on the hour). 

Watch this video to help you. Look at where the small hand is and where the big hand is. Remember the small hand tells you what hour it is.



History / PSHE - Interview a member of your family

We would like you to interview a member of your family! You might want to interview your mum, dad, grandma, nana, grandad, auntie or uncle. If you don't live together then don't worry call them on the phone for a chat. I am sure they would love to have a chat with you. What questions could you ask them? Here are a few ideas for you...


What was your favourite toy when you were little?

Where did you live when you were my age? 

Where were you born?

What did you like about school?

Who were your friends and teachers at school?

What was your school uniform like?

Where is/was your school?


Can you think of some more? Have fun listening and chatting to each other. It is great to talk! Miss Kam LOVES to talk.


We are very proud of you and we miss you lots and lots! Have a great day, love the Year 1 team xXx And remember that we think...


Monday 20th April

Bonjourno our super Year 1 family! We hope that you have had a wonderful Easter holiday at home and that you are safe and well. We miss you all very much and are thinking about you all each and everyday.

Miss Kam spent the Easter holidays drawing and walking her dog, Mrs Hancock had a great time playing with her children, Mrs Stephens has been watching some lovely things on TV, Mrs Boardman has been gardening and Mr Shenton has been baking cakes! What have you been doing?

We hope you enjoyed our videos and photos that we shared recently. We miss you all very much. Here are today's home learning ideas...



Start your day with some exercise! Wake yourself up with Joe Wicks, Oti or Jamie (see links above). If you want to try something different, then try Spell Your Name PE!

Spell your name and follow the instructions! Why not spell out your first name, middle name and last name too!

Have you done any gentle dancing with the Flamingo Chicks yet?



Username: march20
Password: home

Visit Phonics Play to practise key sounds that will help you with your reading and writing! Try this game to practise as many sounds as you can! Why not start at Phase 2 to remind yourself of some simple sounds and then work your way through to Phase 5! 

Afterwards, play this game to help you to learn those tricky words!


At Heron Cross we write cursively (without loops). It is important to practise our handwriting. Can you write the alphabet both upper-case (capital) letters and lower-case (small) letters? Look at the example below. Use lined paper. Think about the size of the letters and where they sit on the lines. Make sure your tall letters like 'l, t, k, h, d and b' are tall but that they don't go over the line above.






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