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Daily Home Tasks


Please check this page each day for a fun daily task.

  Thank you from Mrs Norris, Mrs Dickens, Mrs McIntyre, Mrs Jones, Miss Sherwin, Mrs Bird & Mrs Stephens

Well done for all of your hard work during your time in Reception, both in and out of school. We are very proud of you all! Enjoy your Summer break, take care and be safe!


Here is a list of useful websites and links. 










Twinkl is also an excellent website that has activities for all areas of the curriculum.



Wednesday 15th July


Today we would like you to use your counting skills to help you when ordering from the smallest number to the largest number. 

Click here to see the activities and pictures.

You could find a collection of toys from around your home and order them too!



For your phonics task today, we would like you to write a postcard. You could write it if you go on holiday or you could write it from you home. Write it to a family member or friend and tell them about some of the activities you have been doing. You could even post it to them!

Click here to download the postcard template. 



We hope that you are looking farward to your Summer break and I am sure the sunshine will be back soon! Here are some lovely outdoor activities that you might like to do with your family. 

Click here to download the activites. 

Tuesday 14th July


Today we would like you to practise sorting by playing a game of 'Guess My Rule'. You will see various different pictures of animals, some of which have been selected. Your job is to decide why they have been chosen. Do they all have four legs? Do they all have wings? Can they all swim? 

Click here to see the rules of the game and the pictures of the animals.

You could find a collection of toys from around your home, sort them in different ways and play this game with an adult. 



Take a look at the shopping list that you created yesterday. If you have all of the ingredients, have a go at creating your recipe!

When you have enoyed creating your cakes, milkshake, fruit salad or other recipe, write some simple instructions of how you made it. Could someone follow your instructions and create the same dish?

For example, 

1. Melt the chocolate.

2. Pour in the rice krispies.

3. Stir with a spoon. 

4. Put the mixture into paper cases. 


Monday 13th July


Apply your knowledge of odd and even numbers to these challenges. 


With an adult can you find a recipe that you would like to try? It could be a recipe to make rice krispie cakes, a milkshake or a fruit salad. Then we would like you to write a shopping list of all the ingredients that you need to make your chosen dish.