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Cross-curricular daily tasks.


On this page, we will be posting our science, geography and history tasks. We will post one of each of these each week!

Our history topic this term is medicine and disease, starting from the Romans!

In Geography our topic is the United Kingdom, identifying counties, cities, rivers (to name a few!)

Our science topic is evolution and inheritance, thinking about what characteristics we have inherited from our parents.


Week commencing 8/6/20:

Geography - Can you label the four countries that make up the United Kingdom? Or the capital cities and seas? Take a look at the power point to find out some interesting facts about each country and their locations.

Geography labelling activity

Geography power point

Science - What characteristics have you inherited from your parents? Do you have the same eye colour? Can you roll your tongue? Make a list of any new vocabulary and find the meaning, for example: offspring, adaptation, variation. Take a look at the power point before completing the task.

Inheritance task - Show variation, what different characteristics could be inherited? One child may have an Dad's oval face and Mum's brown eyes.

Inheritance power point

History - We would like you to do some of your own research into Roman medicine. What did the Romans believe was important for their soldiers? How did people stay healthy and avoid illness? What is this Roman bath, why was it built? You can either create a poster full of interesting facts, create a dictionary for difficult words, or simply make a list of the most interesting facts you have found and share them with us via email or social media!