Heron Cross Primary School
Grove Road, Heron Cross
Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 4LJ

Tel: 01782 233565

Additional Funding

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Reception Class Timetable


Here you can find all the important information to help our week in Reception run smoothly!

  • Mornings:
    • Classroom doors open at 8.45 am.
    • Children should be in school by 8.50 am and the doors will shut promptly at 8.55 am.  If you arrive after this please take your children to the school office.
  • Hometime:
    • The school day ends at 3.05 pm.
    • Please be patient while we are ensuring all children leave school safely. 
    • We are always happy to answer any questions at the end of the day but ask if you would wait away from the entrance until we are available.
    • If your child has forgotten something we would appreciate it if they could wait until the doors are clear before coming back into school to collect their belongings.
  • Homework:
    • Homework books are sent home each week, on Friday.
    • Please return your homework by the following Wednesday.
    • Please use a pencil to complete the homework.  Pens and felt tips cannot be easily rubbed out if your child wants to change their work.
  • PE:
    • PE lessons will be on a Friday morning.
    • You will need a white T-shirt, black shorts, socks and pumps in a bag with your child's name on.
  • Reading:
    • Please listen to your child read every night if possible and sign the diary.
    • Please ensure your child has their diary in school each day, even if they have not read the previous night.
    • If your child wishes to read one of their own books, please write it down in their reading diary.