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Autumn Special Days

Autumn Special Days 

Look at our Christmas makes and gifts. We also had a lovely time at our Christmas party. 


Stick Man

For our Christmas treat, we went to the theatre in Crewe to watch the ‘Stick-Man’. It was the first time we had left the school surrounding. We were nervous but excited at the same time. We got on a big coach and went to the theatre. Then, we got our ticket and sat in a big dark room.

The performance brought the story we had been reading in our class, to life. The characters acted out the story and threw an imaginary ball at us and we joined in with guiding the stickman home.

It was a wonderful day out.


Fun in the snow

This morning, when we came to school, it was no ordinary day. Our play ground was covered in blanket of snow that glistened in the morning light. We made foot prints, snow angels and even a snow man. We also had a snow ball fight.

We had an amazing winter adventure.


During our first term in Nursery we celebrated lots of special days like Harvest, Bonfire, Remembrances Day, Diwali and Pudsey Day.