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Autumn Learning Fun 2021

Autumn Learning Fun 

Maths Fun

we explored heavy and light objects and put them into the correct set.


we looked at ordering numbers to 3 and developed our understanding of these numbers. 


Explored number 3, and also made a collection of 3 objects.


Explored number 2, and also made a collection of 2 objects.


Explored number 1, we placed 1 counter on the tens frame.   We also made a collection of 1 objects.


We made repeating patterns using lots of different objects. 


We also explored capacity and enjoyed learning about full and empty.


We have been learning about colour by going on a colour walk, sorted objects by colour. 


We have also been learning about 2D shapes. We went on a shape hunt and made shape pictures. 



We have been exploring phase 1 phonics. 

we made different sounds. 



We acted out the Rhyme BaaBaa Black sheep